Whats up Chicas? Its finally cooling down here in Lahore & I could not be happier! Bari Eid brought along some good weather and good vibes & we’ve had some lovely, breezy, pleasant evenings this past week. All this change has me feeling is the new trends & beauty updates for the winter of 2014 & I can’t emphasize this enough but my most favourite season to dress up & look good in is the Winter! I love everything about the winter in fact, your skin (if taken care of) looks better, your hair acts tamer, the cool temperature (of course) and all the lovely coats/jackets! Not to mention how Lahore is just better when its cold versus when its boiling hot in the summer.

If you’ve noticed lately everywhere around the world old trends are suddenly coming back into style. We have been seeing a lot of it in Pakistan especially, around 4-5 years ago we were sporting cigarrette pants and really short shirts, or a dhoti shalwar with a tiny kameez and now, well now pretty much everything goes. But long shirts came back into style some 3 years ago, we saw a lot of cu lots on the runways & the streets. Then we went through the poncho phase again, leading to the palazzo coming back into style. From outfits, to shoes, to purses and then all the way to make up a lot has taken inspiration from the 50’s-80’s & turned itself into, well the future! So today’s blog is going to take you through what fashion trends we are looking at this winter, just a heads up we are bringing a lot from last year into this year!

1. Woolies

Winter 2014 is all about wool! From top to bottom you will see a lot of knit wear walking the ramps & the streets around the world. Wool channels two things, warmth & comfort, which is exactly what we are looking at this winter round. And a gal’s gotta say, the winter is all about comfort but its not like we can’t make comfort look good right? So look for nice wooly long sweaters and tops paired with wooly trousers or palazzo’s (yep, those are following you right into winter!). Some colors you want to consider are grey, navy blue, white, beige and several dark hues of purple.

2. BIG Coats

One thing I absolutely love about the winters is being able to wear those charismatic, gorgeous coats. They are easy, fashionable and just all around one of the most sophistacet and timeless looks out there. You have seen every fashionista, artist, royal, well any prominent woman really don that one gorgeous coat & make it timeless. So this season is all about BIG coats, the longer the better. And you know you can get as eccentric with coats as you want, it doesn’t have to be your basic black or grey, I for one LOVE a gorgeous red long coat or even one in Fawn. But once again, there is nothing like a classy, long white coat for the winter of 2014.

3. Go Gold!

Now if some of you ladies who love bling were getting a little annoyed by the simplicity in the first two trends, this one will be right up your ally. On the other side of the ramp/street style we are seeing a ton of metallic, with great emphasis on everything GOLD. From that hot gold metallic jacket, to a top with graphic gold designs, if you’re the typa gal who likes to shine bright, bring on the gold this new years eve! (Hallelujah to accessories too!)

4. Ponchos/Duvet Coats

Why am I not surprised? And I can’t necessarily complain because I’m a gal who loves my ponchos, so yes another trend we are bringing right into winter of 2014 is none other than your beloved woolen/shawl like poncho. The more daring the print, the better – why else would we love a good poncho after all. Now I’ve put Duvet Coat into the same category because I feel they both look the the same, but a Duvet coat is basically exactly what it sounds like, and over sized, coat like – Duvet. But you know what, somehow, I LOVE it! They are so fun to look at & it seems like they would keep you super warm & toasty!

5. Sixties Prints

Yep, you read it right, the way I started off this blog was ode to the 60’s for sure because those big, wild, loud prints are back. Big polka dots, motifs, paisleys, geometrical, monochrome designs are all back! Once again, I don’t mind at all, I feel especially in the eastern world keeping prints happening in the winter is awesome. So bring it bold & bring it loud, don’t be afraid to stand out.

6. Capes

Last but not least, this one is a never dying, all time favourite of mine & yes I admit that winters are my weakness because I love everything about capes. They just give the entire outfit such a royal feel & what I adore more is that you can pair them with a classy pair of shalwar kameez & you have more than a few outlines uses for your good ol, fashionable, stylish cape. I feel they are also a very great add on to any winter wedding. Have em embroidered, simple, add a hood, add arm holes, do whatever you want with it but make it look like a cape & you are good to go.

To wrap things up I am looking forward to this winter no holds barred & cannot wait to start pulling out my woolies! I hope you enjoyed my trend throwdown for the winter of 2014 & that it helps jump start your shopping spree! Winters are easier, like I said, especially if you love coffee, fire places & just the all around feeling of awesomeness in outdoor bar bq’s, parks, early morning walks & random cups of coffee. Add a little bit of fashion & you’re looking at all around wonderful, happy winter. Gear up & get ready to go but remember to take good care of yourself & keep warm. Next week I am starting my new “10 Questions with Redah” blog, if you want to leave me questions hop over to my Facebook page & drop me a line. Till then, stay fabulous!