When browsing my local store recently, I came across a massive pot of coconut oil. I was surprised to find it there because I thought you usually would find coconut oil in more glamourous, health savvy shops – this was just the corner store I buy late night Haagen-Dazs from. Anyway, I underestimated eastern cuisine because according to the Turkish salesman it is often used in place of other oils – so healthy !

For a long time, I used coconut oil for cooking, too. I stopped cooking with olive oil after hearing it was cancerogenic and didn’t like to use other oils because of their stronger taste. Coconut oil was the perfect solution : it melts in seconds, cooks lighter healthier food and only has a subtle taste. I don’t know why I stopped using coconut oil to cook, I just ran out and never topped up…! So naturally when I saw the great big pot (for only £2.19 !) at the corner store, I grabbed it and shoved it in my basket. Healthy cooking, here I am again !

Cooking is not all coconut oil is good for – I have used it on my body before too. In fact I would often combine the two, rubbing oil into my hands to give them a deep moisturize at the same time as plonking some in the pan… I just love the way it melts in a split second on contact with your skin, it’s almost fun to watch ! So I thought I would explore a little more now coconut oil and I are back in touch. I feel that including more of it in my beauty routine would be a healthy and economic choice as well as home-spa bliss !

These five DIY beauty recipes take no time to prepare and only need very basic ingredients – in fact, often no more than just coconut oil. I hope you get to try them out at home, I can guarantee your skin and hair will benefit from regular use ! 

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