6 Common Make-up Booboos that Age You

Shade of foundation

So as all around the world women turn towards tanning their skin to add a youthful glow for the summers, the women in Pakistan turn towards the depths of shade to avoid just that! Did you know choosing a foundation that does not match your neck and hands or one that is shades lighter not only looks like you have head floating on top of your body but unnecessarily adds years to your look. Likewise going to dark with the tone of foundation gives a dullness and heaviness to your face. I feel this step of your makeup look is the one step that ages you most of done correctly and the most common mistake we made.

Too much concealor

Your makeup look should look as natural as possible and packing on too much concealor does just the opposite. This is the one step that ages you most in pictures- you always see that lighter half moon patch under your eyes isolating that area from the rest of your face. Instead focus on mpoisterising and using a good primer that will make it easier for you to blend in your concealor and foundation.

Applying blush in the wrong place

A frequent ageing makeup mistake: putting blush too far below and too near the nose. Blush applied incorrectly like below you cheekbone drags down you face giving the illusion that your skin is sagging. Rather than focusing on the apples of your cheek take the center of you eye as a starting point, on the highest part of your cheekbone and brush upwards lightly towards you temples and blend using a stippling brush.

Over doing the lip liner

Who remembers that horrendous trend of dark, heavily lined lips? Well that trend sailed as we entered the 2000s. A lip liners main purpose is to hold you lipstick in place and not let the colour bleed or migrate. What happens as you age is that the line of your lip begins to fade making lipstick more prone to feather (seeping into your fine line and emphasizing them) to avoid this use a creamy lip liner that is closest to your lip colour or try a clear lip liner like ‘ Universal Lip Liner by Sephora’. When it comes to choosing a shade remember lighter shades highlight, darker shades don’t and gloss gives the illusion of plumpness.

Lining the lower lid thicker than the upper

I see a lot of women lining the lower lid of their eyes darker or heavier than the upper this noticeably makes your eyes droop down and fine lines are emphasized because there are more on the lower lid as compared to the upperlid. the soloution to this focus on the upperlid, any look that is soft and blended will draw less attention to crows feet. Nothing kills a look faster than clumpy mascara so make sure you separate your eyelashes and again focus on the upper lashes and to add some extra lift and oomph use some falsies that look natural like Laurens Way Eyelashes.

Skipping your brows

Even though the god sent trend of fuller eyebrows has forced many women to ditch the pencil thin arched brows, I still see a lot of women just altogether skipping the oh so important step of defining their brows. We have to understand that naturally with age hair thins and a sparse set of eyebrows visibly portrays that. The common mistake women make is using a shade darker than or the colour of their eyebrows when the trick is to choose a shade lighter to make them appear more natural. If you are penciling them in remember to take short, upward strokes and avoid making a straight box line across, if you’re using an eyebrow gel always use an angled brush to apply it and lastly if your using a eyebrow mascara start from the middle of your brow to avoid a dark deposit of colour towards the inner sides of your brows.