10 Questions With Redah!

Hey ladies! Hope you are having a fantastic October & are getting all set for Halloween or have already celebrated. End of the year & winters mean tons of weddings & festivities so we are keeping pretty busy at the salons! I hope you ladies have been enjoying our blog series, with all the tips & tricks I share helping you build a better you! I mentioned in my last couple of blogs that I would be starting a “10 Questions with Redah” blog & am super excited to do my first post with 10 questions to answer for you lovely ladies. Now mostly this blog will be split in two sections but for the end of October I am cramming all the 10 questions I picked, into one single blog! If you wanna know how to ask me a question, just look for my 10 questions post on my Facebook page!

1. Despite washing my hair every day, I have severe oil build up within hours – How can I prevent this?

Ans: To begin with, if you have oily hair I suggest that if you can get away with it, don’t comb or brush your hair after you shampoo. Brushing & combing your hair in excess causes your oil glands to work in over time, therefore hair dressers suggest that if you suffer from oily hair, that you try and avoid brushing or combing as much as you can. Running your hands through your hair too much causes excess oil in your hair too, not only do the hands leave oil behind but they work the same way brushing/combing does.

Trick: Baby powder/Talcum powder is a great way to soak up oil from super oily hair. Just dab a little on your roots & run a light comb through to even out the white powder or dab with a tissue to soak up extra powder & oil!

2. What age should one start getting facials?

Ans: Your 20’s are usually a good time to go get a professional facial. What most experts suggest is to do so once you start seeing signs of ageing and we all know some of us might be a little quick in this department. Nonetheless if you are a teenager looking for better skin you can always ask for a mild facial or use these tricks at home to cleanse your skin.

Tricks: 1. Use Lemon regularly to cleanse your face & any skin exposed to pollution/UV rays.
2. Have a morning & night cleansing/moisturising ritual.
3. Try & go for naturally built treatments as long as you can.

3. How can one deal with extremely dry hands & feet?

Ans: Regular moisturising helps volumes! Moisturise when you shower, moisturise when you do wuddu, moisturise before you sleep, moisturise when you wake up. So basically keep them hands & feet hydrated.

Trick: Coconut oil is a great skin smoother!

4. Is rebonding safe for my hair?

Ans: Rebonding/Xtenso are both chemical treatments, therefore that safe for your hair. Mostly it is a completely personal decision over whether it is safe or not. Also, everyone has a different hair type but I never advise against rebonding. A gal’s gotta love her hair!

5. How can I take better care of my daughters skin? She is four years old.

Ans: Children usually have such wonderful skin they don’t need more than a good moisturiser, so just stick to that. If you see signs of eczema or psoriasis (anything kind of skin rash that looks abnormal like a scab or torn skin) immediately consult a dermatologist. Certain skin conditions can’t handle regular moisturiser & need specific ointments for a cure or control. I also recommend again, Coconut oil, it is a great natural moisturiser for any age.

6. What is the best foundation for oily skin? How can I prevent a shiny face after make up.

Ans: Here’s what you ladies with Oily skin trouble can do, start choosing products that are NOT silicone based. Though this is a hard feat to conquer, The Body Shop has some great alternative, or even Bare Minerals & Benefit. My favourite products for oily skin though are as follows & listed in the order you should apply them:

1. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
2. Rimmel’s Stay Matte Liquid or Mousse Foundation OR Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser with SPF
3. Rimmel’s Stay Matte Face Powder or MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus

Trick:If you can find them, get Clean & Clear’s oil soaking sheets.

7. Pre-mature grey hair – is there a fix?

Ans: There really is no ONE known reason for pre-mature grey hair. Mostly scientists have chanced it up to your genes so if someone in your family went white early, chances are you will too. Also, a vitamin B-12 deficiency or problems with your pituitary or thyroid gland can cause premature greying. Though the main thing I can suggest is to start getting your hair dyed when the grey starts to bother you, for some people & sometimes I recommend to go au naturale & enjoy your grey locks. I feel it adds some sophistication!

Tricks: If your roots are grey, a quick fix is to use mascara to cover up any grey, it will take an extra 5 minutes but it works wonders! Though there are other better options for pre-mature greying hair out there now.

8. What is your favourite make up brand?

Ans: Oh my word! How do you ask a beautician to choose? I LOVE make up. Period. But if I was on a deserted island & could only choose ONE brand of endless make up to take with me, I would pick MAC without holding a breath. Call me crazy & one to go with the masses but MAC make up is just SO amazing, each range, every colour, the care with which MAC is manufactured. There is a great reason they are the most popular make up brand out there today.

9. Best Drug Store Foundation.

Ans: SO drug store make up is stuff like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Rimmel, Covergirl – basically affordable make up that you can buy any where. This ones a repeat again but my MOST favourite has to be Rimmel’s Stay Matte – aside from that here are some of my favourite foundations from other drug store brands:

1. Revlon’s Photo Ready
2. L’Oreal True Match
3. Maybelline’s Fit Me

10. How can I prevent hair fall & hair breakage?

Ans: This is one UNIVERSAL question that keeps getting asked over & over again. Here is my favourite & most useful, result giving suggestion: Natural Aloe Vera gel, aloe vera is not only great for your hair but amazing for your skin as well. Applying the gel daily or even twice weekly to your hair will not only prevent hair fall & strengthen your hair, but help your hair grow faster too. You can mix it with your favourite oil for better results!

I hope you ladies enjoyed my 10 questions with Redah blog & that my suggestions/tricks will prove to be helpful to you in taking better care of your beauty routine. I know in today’s world we are all very busy, whether you are a student, a daughter, a wife, a mom, a working woman or really all of that, which most of us these days are, you rarely have time for YOUR self. But I cannot encourage you enough to take time out for yourself, 10 minutes each morning & 10 minutes each night to build a beauty ritual that works for you. Looking good helps you feel good & keeps you motivated so don’t skimp out on yourself! Until next week, have a fantastic one.