woman having skin problemsRise and shine everyone, winter is around the corner and we all need a good cleanse to welcome the season. One of the things I find we get left with an abundance of are blackheads, today I will be giving you all the ways to minus these little heads and to have your nose be shiny and clear in no time!

If the skin is not cleansed properly, more blackheads can appear, especially during those milestones in life when they are more prevalent, such as puberty. Improperly cleansed skin makes it more likely that dead skin cells build up within the pores. The pore openings can become clogged, which accelerates the build-up of oil inside – thus causing blackheads to form. However, many experts warn that dirt does not cause blackheads to form – which frequently confuses and frustrates patients.

Blackheads are caused by oxidized oil, not dirt. Over-cleaning the skin can lead to irritation. Honey is a natural antibiotic and works to pull-out dirt from your open pores. Mix a tablespoon of honey with ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon and use your fingers to dab it onto your dry skin. Rub it in a circular motion for three minutes and then wash off with warm water. Egg whites help to tighten pores and pull out any clogged dirt giving you smooth, clear skin. Remove the yolks from two eggs and smear it into a thin layer over your face. Give it two minutes to dry, and then add the remaining whites in a second layer. Give the complete mask an additional 10-15 minutes to dry, or until the whites are smooth to the touch and your skin feels tight. Use warm water to rinse the whites off your face.

There are many different kinds of cosmetic clays available to purchase in a powdered form, each with the specialised property of drying out oily pores and removing unwanted residue. Mix a tablespoon of powdered clay with enough apple cider vinegar to make a paste, and spread it over your face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes until it is dry to the touch, and then rinse off with warm water.

The lactic acid in the yogurt and the calming qualities of oatmeal mix to create a blackhead-blocking formula. Make a paste of three tablespoons yogurt, two tablespoons whole oats, and a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil. Mix between your fingers and apply it to the skin by dabbing onto the affected area. Allow it to set for ten minutes, and then rinse off with warm water. The purifying qualities of lemon mixed with the scrubbing effects of salt help to remove all the grime buried deep in your pores. Mix lemon juice with a tablespoon of yogurt, a tablespoon of salt, and a bit of honey. Use this to scrub your blackhead-prone areas for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Try all these for now and let me know what works better! These are easy methods so take time out and Be beautiful.

Have a great day!

Redah Misbah Qureshi
Creative Director
Depilex – Beauty Clinic & Institute