Time for Monday Blog!

As the summer still blazes its wrath on us, hair care issues multiply with each passing day. Dry summers is one thing but humidity is just plain notorious! From bringing out the natural curls and kinks to making them all frizzy and greasy, due to the humid weather, summertime brings with it one too many danger to our hair. NOTHING looks more presentable than a nicely done hair do, but with this weather unless you’re visiting the salon every day for hairstyling, it is rather demanding to keep hair fresher looking. But! As always we will rise above these issues as I will be giving you the best of what I know BUT given that you all follow these tips religiously and attentively and anyway hair-care has always been my favourite topic!

Shampoo regularly, since summer heat causes lots of sweating; it makes hair more susceptible to moisture. Begin by shampooing with a Curls to Straight Shampoo. This product gently removes build-up while adding softness to control curls and smooth hair fibers, preventing frizz. After massaging into the scalp for several minutes, rinse thoroughly to leave your hair fresh and clean. When you are done shampooing, massage in the Curls to Straight Conditioner and let it sit for five minutes. This nourishing formula will protect your hair from styling damage, prevent ends from splitting and straighten curly or wavy hair with its micro-smoother system. All of this will help to keep hair frizz-free in the humidity. Detangle hair gently with a comb or brush then work with any Anti-Frizz Straightening Crème/Serum – I recommend Label.M Frizz Control Serum – throughout your hair from the ends to the scalp. This product should be used while hair is still wet, before styling, to loosen and unwind curls and prepare them for straightening. Blow-dry your hair on a low setting, using a paddle brush to gently separate sections of your hair and stretch your curls out straight. Spray your hair with a Heat Protection Spray (do try Label.M Heat Protection Spray) to prepare curls for heat straightening. This heat protection spray will help prevent split ends and damage that can increase frizz and curl. Separate your hair into two sections, top and bottom. Fasten the top of your hair with a clip. Use a hair straightener (or flat iron) on the bottom section. Release the clip, and use the straightener on the top section. Once you’ve finished straightening your hair, set your style with a Curly Hair Series Satin Hold Hairspray, my favourite is Label.M Hold & Gloss Spray. This will help keep your hair straight and satiny smooth all day long. ALL this right here is one of the best ways to tame curly to wavy hair. You can even inculcate these steps with the use of a flat iron, even if your hair is only naturally wavy, and not full out curly, a combination of such proper products and techniques will control your waves. Pantene is providing these products.

Remember do not be afraid to use products. Yes! there is that natural and unnatural concept which comes into play but the way I’ve seen it, chemicals and herbals just play bad cop good cop with our hair. At the end of the day it’s the quality of what is going into your hair and scalp that matters the most, so SPEND a little and INVEST in good styling products and creams. Visit the salon more often as we can guide you through hair-care and help eliminate all your worries, because hey! That’s what we are here for

Have a good day!

Redah Misbah Qureshi
Creative Director
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