Makeup School Secrets (Revealed) (Part Two)

What’s up ladies? How is September treating all you beautiful women? Hope you have all been keeping happy, healthy and looking fabulous. Last week I started something that actually had me super excited; you know how when you have this exciting news you really want to share with someone but can’t wait? Just like that I couldn’t wait to get to part two of my ultimate makeup secrets revealed. I hope last week’s blog helped shed some light on the art of makeup for you and you were able to gather some handy tips on what might work for your makeup routine.

Now although this is not one of the “secret” secrets I do want to talk a little bit about how important it is for you to find and use the right products when it comes to makeup or any beauty product for that matter. I often have people write in to me asking about what beauty products or makeup items to buy or try and after my suggestion, on rare occasion I get a response where my suggestion just did not make the cut. So before I say anything else, though I have said this before, I want to say please make sure that whatever you are buying, especially to apply to your face – is legit and bought from a reliable source. Another way to make sure you do not do a lot of damage is to test your makeup/beauty product out on your wrist or your chest just to make sure you aren’t allergic, or the product is not expired. I can never emphasize enough how important it is to make sure you are using the right products. That said, here goes – the last of my makeup far

6. Opposites Attract (When It Comes To Colour):

When you apply opposite colours on top of each other, logic would say they cancel each other out. But when you apply them side by side, yep you got it, the colours start popping out. That is why the smokey eye works so much especially with black and grey or silver, those colours make each other pop! Also, choosing the opposite of your eye colour can make your eyes stand out too. Fortunately since a lot of you have brown eyes – most and any colours will work for you but olive green and purple will really make your eyes pop.

7. Eyeliner 101:

Never apply eye liner in one swift go, ever. That is usually why people have really uneven eye liner. Here the simple trick: Start from the inner corner of your eye and work the line all the way to the middle, then retouch your eye liner (or if you’re using a pencil just move forward) and go from the outer corner of your eye back to the middle. This technique will eliminate errors and eliminate bumpy or clumpy eye liner from liquids or gels.

When going for the winged eyeliner look- always make the angle or winged bit first on the out corners of your eyes and work your way in.
(Tip: Applying liner to your lower lash line helps create the proper angle, especially for winged liner.)

8. Learn How To Cover Those Under Eye Circles:

Since dark circles are the bane of many a woman’s existence, here’s what you can do. First off instead of sticking to one shade of concealer, get two. Buy one that’s beige and one that is orangey – mixing these two will ensure that your bags are truly covered. I am sure a lot of you might have noticed that using just one touch of beige concealer sometimes ends up highlighting your bags instead of concealing them. So either mix the concealer, or if you are using a beige concealer, use an orangey foundation, or something a shade darker maybe. Two: always apply concealer as a “V” under your eye and then blend/buff inward toward the middle of your eye until the liquid is totally dissolved and your dark circles are looking like a thing of the past.

9. The Perfect Brow:

Not a lot of people believe this, but the perfect brow will really help your cause. So don’t skimp out and leave your brow feeling unwanted. Go out and buy yourself a brow pencil that is one shade lighter than your original hair (darker will make it look fake). If you’re using a pencil, apply more pressure at the root and almost pull up as you stroke the pencil upwards. Use small strokes so it looks like hair. If you’re using powder, start from the outer corner of your eyebrow going inward. This works against your hair growth, allowing your hair to sit on top of the powder instead of vice versa.

10. Bigger Lips:

5 simple steps: Apply a little foundation to your lips so they are better outlined, Feather a white pencil very lightly over the contour of your lips (make fuller or thinner with emphasis on your outer lip lines), Do the lip line in your coloured lip pencil, Apply lipstick with a brush in a downward motion – working from your cupid bow to your outer corner, Apply a lighter base outside your lip-line to avoid feathering.

I hope you enjoyed reading my beauty secrets as much as I felt devious and happy sharing them with you. And remember, there is nothing wrong with putting on a little makeup every day. You would be amazed if you try this little tip too, on a day that you are feeling particularly off, mood wise, health wise, physically or for any reason and you don’t want to or feel like doing anything – step in front of your dresser, pick your fiercest red lipstick and put in on. I guarantee you, in no time; you will be feeling over the moon. Try this last tip & let me know how it went ;). Until next time, have a good one.