Colour palette for the summer

“Wake me up before you go, Summertime sadness.” The song that plays in my head everytime I think about Summer ever since Lana Del Rey decided she wanted to sing a song about “summertime sadness” (I don’t know if she means sadness that the summer is gone, or in Lahore’s case the sadness that comes with the arrival of summer). Oh well whatever her reason may have been, what a brilliant song! Where people everywhere in the world look forward to the sun and summer so they can hit the beach and enjoy themselves while sunbathing and just plain relaxing in the sand. We here in Pakistan are fated to a different kind of summer, a summer full of “garmi”, load shedding and designer lawn billboards

Summers are all about bright colors and pastel hues, things that will keep you looking and feeling fresh! Colors like black during the summer usually leave you feeling “hotter”, sweatier and just plain angry. For the past few years we have been rotating around similar color schemes when it comes to clothes. Most designers work with hues of white, pastel blues, purples, greens or red and gold. This year it seems the trend might not be too drastically different with the exception that while last year was all about pastels and light shades, this year we are looking at bolder, brighter, fancier looks! The most popular color this year will be White! Because you can pair white with virtually every color in the world. On the international runways black & white have been the most popular combo this year. I suggest you pair it with a nice bright red, electric blue or a very subtle orange/ochre to ring in the summer!

Coming to hair colour we are seeing a lot of warm brown and strawberry red hues on the international catwalks. Whether it be one bold shade or highlights; warm dark blondes are the in colour.  We saw ombre in 2012-2013 –a colouring technique that blends two colours or more from darker at the roots to light at the ends. This then warped into Sombre in 2013 which starts closer to the root and slowly transitions from the base color to the brighter highlighted ends. In 2014 however a new colouring technique called splash light is taking over globally which is a new way to consider how color lives in hair. A colorist adds a highlighted focus to the hair as if it was being hit by a spot of light.

Make-up colour trends this year are simply to die. Golden glows with contoured cheekbones paired with big school boy eyebrows. Electric orange lips are on fire and for the eyes cobalt blue and lilac shades or just statement graphic eyeliners

Remember summer is all about color and fun, so be as creative as you can! Until next Monday, Happy shopping