Golden Globes Red Carpet Look Review 2014

Every new year arrives with the hope and fervor of new trends in fashion, make-up, style & every new year arrives with the curiosity of how Hollywood is going to present itself for another very successful year! One of those most talked about events is none other than the Golden Globes, where we get to see all the who’s who of Hollywood make a grand appearance with their designer label outfits and timeless style. Some celebrities have been front runners for several years but as new faces arrive, well the times they are a changing! Let’s see who made it to my list of “Best Styled” celebrity of the year 2014.

3) Olivia Wilde
Here’s one I might’ve fended off to the “pregnancy glow” but no I think this girl is gorgeous with or without make-up. That jaw & those cheek bones are just a recipe for some very pretty looks & yep that’s why she’s landed as the 3rd on my little list today. She chose a gorgeous green Gucci sequined gown which highlighted her 6-month in baby bump magnificently! With her caramel brown/blonde ombre hair left flowing naturally with some loose waves at the end her make-up was just brilliant! Her make-up artist boldly complements the green with a purple smokey eye (which is the WAY to go with this celeb) and a nude lip, which seems to have been a popular look this time around. She’s definitely on top for me this year so far on “a” red carpet!

2) Jennifer Lawrence
How can one not scrutinize one of the most talked about actresses of the past two years. Jennifer Lawrence wowed the world last year with her performance in “Silver Linings Playbook” landing herself her first Oscar & a Golden Glove win in 2013 and she has done it yet again winning herself another Globe (so far) for American Hustle. I have to say I am digging her new hair & her new tenacity of style. Red lips, a clean face & a simple glittery eye complemented her white Dior gown. I do have to say, her dress could have been better, someone with her curves could have pulled off a well accentuated, flowy dress! Nonetheless Kudos to her for being fearless & looking flawless!

1) Emma Roberts
Was a stunner! She’s got the whole girl next door thing down, gorgeous features and she looked exquisite at the globes. Her make-up complemented her beautiful turquoise earrings. From her hair to her lip; they got it right for this one! Emma’s look was fiercely dramatic which I feel is essential for the Globes & especially the red carpet. Nude lips are SO hot, especially with a black dress. Her eyes are well done with long fringed lashes and a fine liner to compliment her green eyes. The slight smokey touch is essential with a black evening gown! To top it off just the right hint of a peach/pink blush & voila we have the best look on the carpet (according to me).

Golden Globes 2014

So while we’re discussing the best I thought I would pick the WORST of the night as well. For this one I couldn’t help but pick:

Taylor Schilling
Eh, they could’ve done a lot better with this one. I think there is way too much going on with her look, which is well not the best idea when the rest of the red carpet looks fresh, clean & flawless (literally). This year was all about subtle, sophisticated & chic not at all what Taylor Schilling comes off as. Her eyes are too over done, the lipstick is totally out of sync with her entire look & the hair- well the hair is just totally wrong! Not to mention what a MISS her dress is, who wears that to a red carpet? The green is wrong, the fabric is wrong, the fit is just WRONG (I guess you get the point). At the end I was left with accessories and despite being great, it went terribly wrong!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Nonetheless another fabulous Hollywood night in all its pomp & glory, now I’m looking forward to the Oscars!

Have a fabulous week readers, its only “so long” until we meet again.

Redah Misbah Qureshi
Creative Director
Depilex – Beauty Clinic & Institute