Quick Ten Minute Make-Up Routine

It often happens that when you have a lot to do and you are continuously on the go, your make up routine really suffers. Especially after you get married and have babies! After you have a baby you have not just yourself but a teeny tiny persons responsibility as well so between getting their baby bag ready, milk going, getting them dressed and walking out the door in how much ever time you have (considering you are pacing yourself atleast 1.5 – 1 hours ahead) make up starts becoming obsolete.
So Halt! Lets take a minute to reflect that falling into this rut, is really not the best idea. Getting “dressed” and “made up” isn’t just because you are stepping out, going to work, shopping e.t.c, its for YOU. Research proves that dabbing on a little make up helps elevate your mood and keeps you happier for the day. What most people don’t know is you don’t need to be caked in make up, you just need to brighten yourself up a little bit. Here’s a quick routine I developed being a woman on the go, and this routine works all the way from High School to well forever really. Follow these simple steps for a fresh, clean 10 minute look! (10 minute assuming you have a morning cleansing routine already in play.)

This is a no brainer, you won’t even need a make up brush just lather it on like lotion make sure your face is evenly covered. This helps cover up pores, scars and lesions so your foundation/powder don’t look cracked. (1 Minute 30 seconds)

This is one of the best make up products ever invented (according to me). I like tinted moisturizer because it gives you coverage, most of them have spf which is essential and well hey, its tinted so you don’t need to spend all day caked up in foundation! Most importantly itgoes on real fast and if you can get your hands on a beauty blender, you’re gold! ( 2 minutes)

Now here you can go two ways you can have a porcelain sheen powder to have a glow, or if you have oily skin pick a matte face powder. I switch between both depending on what kinda day we’re having. If its a cloudy day, or its raining I use something with a little shimmer to keep me looking bright but when the sun is out, hello matte! (Use a brush & you’re done in 1 minute)

This is a no brainer, no matter what colors you put together for your outfit this shade will just GO! It can be any shade of nude you want it to be and it again, doesn’t need to be caked on just brush some on lightly to give your eyes color. ( 1 Minute – Add 30 seconds to this for highlighting your brow with something shimmery)

For the quickest go I rely on kajal, just line the insides of your eye with kajal & you’re good but if you love made up eyes; one soft line of eyeliner and your eyes are good to go and with this step you can play, eyeliner takes TIME so go through everything else real quick and take your time with this one. (3 minutes max)

6. Blush
This is the quickest step, highlight your cheeks, cheek bones & chin with a soft pink/peach blush & voila your done! (1 Minute)

The final touch would be a hint of lipgloss or lipstick, we say go for a nice nude/light pink lip gloss for during the day and you don’t need time for this step because you can paint your lips on the go! It might take you a 3 days to get this in under 10 minutes if you’ve been neglecting your make up routine, but once you get this down you will never need to walk out of the house without make up on again. I can’t convince you enough that no matter how busy you are, how exhausted, how happy, sad, angry or tense – getting up in the morning or even any time during the day and putting on a nice outfit & some make up does wonders for your day. Try it and I promise you won’t regret it.

Have a FABULOUS week!