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Times have obviously changed; gone are the days when the Rukhsati was the main event of a wedding, now the only function everyone seems to be attending is the Mehndi. My own Mehndi was more like a party! So why is it that the bride still goes with absolutely no make-up? With the yellow and orange clothes, the yellow paranda, all the yellow lights and no make-up, the bride just looks like someone who fell out of bed and is suffering from a severe case of jaundice! What makes it worse is that everyone standing around her is dressed to kill. I’m just saying a thin layer of foundation, some brown or gold eye shadow, no eye liner, mascara and peach blush on, is necessary when there are ten thousand guests invited.

Take your time; this is a very important day. Instead of experimenting and wasting time on the day of your wedding, have a proper consultation with your make-up artist before, where you can tell the artist your preferences and they can suggest their ideas and get familiarised with your features. Something I always encourage brides to do is have a different look everyday when it comes to make-up; all I ever hear is “can I get smoky eyes?” for the love of God! I will not let you have smoky eyes everyday! On stage with the heavy bridal outfit and the very intense lights, any strong lines when it comes to make-up just really hardens your features and ages you.

For some unknown reason brides are expected to have “natural glow” about them on the Valima, I really don’t know if that’s medically possible or how and when this rule started and for me I would expect the bride to be dosing off to sleep on stage from staying up the night earlier combined with the exhaustion! So anyway if you’re not “glowing” there’s always a hydrating facial and it only takes 45minutes.

Spring is over and summer is here so lots of peach, shades of pink, ivory and brown; a colour that looks good in every season. Less black and more brown just really softens the look. As for the hair lets ease up on the back combed bee hive hair dos and the all-back pony tails! I walked into wedding where everyone has these two hairstyles and the only way to differentiate them is by their clothes and for the brides loose curls and twists look so pretty.

Here are some key tips:
1. If your Dupatta weighs a ton which is usually the case, what I did was put a small joora hair piece on my hair which holds most of the weight.
2. If you plan on wearing painfully heavy earrings, this is not just for brides but every woman; there is nothing better than ‘Emla’, available from any pharmacy. I cannot explain how much my life has been made easier after I discovered this! It numbs your skin so unless you’re wearing an elephant on your ears, you won’t feel anything.
3. Pre bridal services you should not skip: body scrub, massage and hair protein treatment.
4. Don’t be conscious; it shows and you end up looking constipated in the pictures, just try and relax. This hopefully just happens once in your life and it’s only three days so enjoy the attention!

Have a great Monday!

Redah Misbah Qureshi
Creative Director
Depilex – Beauty Clinic & Institute