On Being Grateful

Every November USA celebrates what we all know as “Thanksgiving”, a day they spend with their family over a extended course meal and the highlights of this day are giving thanks along with well, Turkey. Though December started today, last week was Thanksgiving in America and it got me thinking, why aren’t we more grateful? I am not generalizing and saying everyone is ungrateful, but I do some times feel we do not give as much thanks as we should, which I feel we should constantly. Especially living in Pakistan with some of the issues we face on a daily basis such as lack of gas and electricity, I have noticed more people just pulling away from being grateful and instead being more bitter for what they don’t have. Whereas I believe, the more grateful you are, the more Allah is abundant in showering his blessings on you.

So today I decided instead of doing a regular old post, to start of the last official month of 2014 I would instead do a quick round up of things I am and we all can be grateful for! To begin with I am grateful for being alive today – the world we live in is a dangerous place, 10 years ago it wasn’t as bad as it has gotten recently and therefore first and foremost one should be grateful to be alive, to be able to breathe, have air in your lungs, for being able, for the food we are able to eat, for the liberties that we have despite and for a country that though unstable, keeps us going in high spirits. But these I feel are things I am and should be continually thankful for, so today here are some of the major things that I am grateful for every day.

1. A roof over my head

Living in Pakistan one thing I try to be constantly aware of is the fact that a lot of our population lives below the poverty line, that means there are a lot of people out there who don’t have a roof over their head when they sleep at night. And if you go out you can see these people sleeping on side streets, in playgrounds, on benches – right under the open sky, in the cold or hot it doesn’t matter but they sleep. Because they work hard all day and still don’t have enough to sleep in a house at night. So be grateful, for the roof you sleep under tonight and be vigilant to help anyone in need who can’t.

2. Doing What I Love.

You would think that everyone who is currently working in any profession, loves what they do. But we all know that is something highly untrue. There are jokes going around all the time about how our parents force us into professions we don’t enjoy (what with most Pakistani kids being doctors or engineers). Though I know this isn’t true for our generation or the generations that come after us it is very true for our elders or even our elder siblings. Some of them did not get to choose what profession they pick, a lot of other people don’t have the choice to go for the education they want, therefore I am grateful for being able to do what I am passionate about.

3. My Family

I am eternally grateful for my mom, my hubby and my beautiful baby Zoay. I don’t think this one needs much explanation!

4. My Faith

When I was a kid, teachers used to say we were blessed to be born Muslims, and though we are blessed that way I feel it is our duty to not only be good Muslims but to simply be good human beings. What do I mean when I say that? Its simple, faith isn’t only about religion, it is about a way of life (which I know a lot of people argue is religion, but do you see the atrocities that happen every day in the name of religion?) – I believe in a way of life that is “Humane”, where your instincts tell you what is good and bad, where you are so full of faith that being wrong is an option you do not desire. So I am grateful for my faith and its power to help me be good.

I know this was a different post and nothing you guys can use as make up or tips to help your skin feel better but I hope it helps you think about what it is I am saying and identify things that you are grateful for. Here’s what I do, whenever I am down and I feel life is being hard I stop to smell the roses, or kiss Zoay and then I sit down to count all the things in my life that are good. Distracting yourself from the bad in your life by focusing on the good not only helps you see what is wonderful but it also helps train you to look at the brighter more positive side of life, so whether it be your mom, a friend, your husband or your baby that makes you happy, be grateful, humble and the rest will all fall into place.