How to look good on your Summer vacay!

Hello Chicas!
To begin with a very happy and peaceful Ramzan Mubarak to you all!
In the summer time, when the weather is fine . . . Well okay not so much “fine” as pretty hot and eventually going to be humid! It’s the glorious month of June and even though it is officially Ramzan time, I imagine a bunch of us will soon be planning our summer vacations with our family, our kids or even just our significant other. If you’re a single gal who’s just venturing out this summer to explore the world, this one’s for you too! No matter when or where I am going, be it a vacation or even a business trip the one thing that stresses me out as I get closer to D-day is how I’m going to manage packing ALL the stuff I need, into well the limited space I have available. So a few years ago I came up with a system and lo n behold that system stuck! I decided that a gal only needs so much to take and she can still look absolutely fabulous! So here’s my updated list of essential items to take on your vacay to guarantee you continue to look fabulously you!

4 Pairs of the perfect foot wear:

Based on where you’re headed this can be a super simple choice, even if you’re a shoe-a-holic just remember you only have to without each and every one of your favorite pair of shoes just for a little while. Not to mention, always remember, vacation means you’ll shop so you never know where you might fall in love with a heel again! Some basic ones you should always consider though are:

A beach sandal or wedge sandal
One fancy heel (preferably black)
Toms/Sneakers (Shoes that you can WALK in!)


I’m big about this one so I have a few choices that I really need to make. This is probably the toughest decision to make because depending on the kind of outfits you’re carrying, these have got to go with those. So here’s a bit of a classification of what I would do:

Casual Clothes (Jeans, capris, T-shirts, Casual tops) = Cross body bag
If you’re wearing casual clothes, it means you’re going to be walking a lot, doing a bunch of sightseeing and maybe venture into some exciting museums, safaris’, or even theme parks. Cross body bags will mean you have ample free hands, your phone handy and if you’re a photographer just put your camera round your neck.

Night out = Fancy clutch

This one’s simple, for a night out, you can never go wrong with a clutch. So just pack your most neutral favourite one and you’re good to go!

Carry On = Your favourite big purse

I always reply on my most massive purse to be handy airplane companion and in case I’m moving around wherever I am headed, this one’s good for on the go.


I go nowhere without my sunglasses. Pick your favourite pair or two, make sure it’s the something from your latest collection!

Make up bag essentials

Need I say more? Here’s what I always have in my travel make up bag:
Tinted moisturizer with SPF
Pressed face powder (MAC or Rimmel’s Stay Matte)
Make Up Forever’s HD Foundation
Urban Decay Primer
Maybelline’s Age Rewind Eye Concealer
Milani’s Water proof Kajol
L’Oreal’s Voluminous Black Mascara
MAC’s Ruby Red (Lipstick)
NAR’s Funny Face (Matte Lipstick)
MAC’s lipliner in Cherry
NYX Illuminator Tube

Proper hair care

Never travel without your suited booted, go to hair care products because these are not easily available everywhere! Pick the ones that go best with your type of hair, I heavily rely on Label M products as they are the best out there in terms of keeping your hair looked fresh and taken care of!

Hope you guys enjoyed packing with me today! Even if you’re not doing it right now, just hit “bookmark” in your browser window or you can always keep coming back to For comments, feedback and if you have a particular topic you want me to blog about drop me a line on my Facebook page: Till next Monday, have a fabulous week and good luck!