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5 Pro Tips to Nail Smoky Eye the Right Way Hi ladies, Makeup fads come and go but some stay (almost) forever. If I were to choose my favorite then it would be the smoky eye. The best thing about this timeless look is that you can go bold, in-your-face… Read More

#NewHair Alert: More Ways to Rock Bangs Sup guys? You might have mixed feelings about bangs but they are majorly trending, or should I say that they are back with a bang! From Emma Roberts to Alison Sudol, celebs are not only embracing the trend but actually owning it. If… Read More

Sunburn Vs. Windburn: Remedies for Winter-Proof Skin Hi gals, Just when everyone thought that winter is over a little too soon, weather took an unexpected turn. With the dramatic temperature drops, air is drier and coarser which means your skin is prone to damage and inflammation more than ever. Among… Read More

Top 5 Looks from the SAG Awards Yet another Monday and yet another fantastic beginning to a new week full of new things! I like to start my Monday's off feeling motivated, especially when it's been a star studded weekend of glitz and glam at the popular SAG Awards. Hollywood… Read More

Haircut 101: How to Know When to Get One Rise & shine beauties! So, I have been thinking a lot about making a change to my hair lately. Like, a lot. Now before you jump to any conclusions, I’d want to let my hair grow until they become rapunzel hair.… Read More

7 Pro Tips for a Flawless Foundation for Wintery Skin Hola ladies, Acing your foundation without caking your face in winter is a real challenge. I mean, I love winters but cold winds and continuous temperature shifts make it a little hard for beauty buffs like me. Imagine you’re trying… Read More

5 Remedies to Treat Flu without Piling up Medicines Hi guys! Hope you’re doing well. I have been down with flu but things are looking up for me now. Winter is notorious for bringing flu and other viral infections – blame it on our weak immune systems, nutrients deficiency or… Read More

5 Habits that Can Make Acne-Prone Skin Worse Hi people, What’s up? Before I proceed with the topic for today’s post, I wanna give a huge shout out to you guys for sticking around, I really appreciate it. Alright, now coming back to the topic; so, we all have been… Read More

Depilex Reveal: Color Looks Part II Continues from last weeks blog... For our next 5 looks we delved into the world of exotic color and even more daring shades. Let’s take a look at what we had in store for the more exuberant palette.. Kesha: For Kesha we went with… Read More

Depilex Reveal 2017: Color Looks Part I On the completion of our 37th successful year as the first and largest chain of salons in Pakistan, we at Depilex decided to bring the nation something new and eccentric. This is where the idea of Depilex Reveal 2017 came to life; we… Read More