Brand Spotlight: MAC Essentials

How’s your September looking ladies? Hope you have been enjoying (or at least trying to) this delayed monsoon that is leaving us all drenched and I hope my blog series on how to get through this season flawlessly helped guide you with your monsoon skin & hair troubles. Its time yet again for another Monday blog and today happens to be the day for one of my blog topics that has become increasingly popular. Two months ago I decided to focus on some of the best make up brands I have come accross to date. Now what I aim to do with these blogs is one, to educate you in the world of buying make up & two, to give you the perfect starter kit for every make up brand out there.

The past few blogs focused on what we call “drug store” make up brands, which simply means brands like Maybelline – ones that are easily available and easy affordable. Designer make up brands are especially hard to come by in Pakistan and even if you do manage to find yourself a make up counter that sells brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown, there is often the question whether the product is original or fake. Nonetheless today we are gonna focus on getting you started on your MAC make up. You might not be able to find authentic MAC products in Pakistan so easily, but considering the boom of social media there are a ton of online/Facebook stores that are now importing designer make up & though a little costly, MAC is one make up line that is completely worth it. One of the biggest names in make up, MAC aims to satisfy the make up client to its fullest. They have a range of some of the best foundations, concealers, lip sticks, lip glosses and blushes out there, so today I’m picking my top 5 favourite MAC products that can also be your perfect first step to a MAC starter kit.

1. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation/Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Now before I go and recommend this, I do have to tell you that foundation is one of the trickiest more hardest products to pick out and use in the make up business. Something that might suit me, might not suit your skin at all or something that looks good on one person might totally ruin someone elses complexion. So before you buy a foundation, try somehow to give it a test. Now these two are my favourite MAC foundations and they make your skin look flawless! Its almost like you airbrushed or magically painted on a flawless face. Nonetheless I still recomment you try it before you buy it.

TIP: Always test foundation colour on your collar bone/chest area – that is the only place your complexion remains its true colour.

2. MAC Pearl Glide Intense Eyeliners

One of the most long lasting and well pigmented eye liners you will try because you can trust a make up magnate to get your most favourite products just right. These go on creamy, almost gel like and will smudge the least despite any kind of skin or weather conditions. My favourite shade is “Undercurrent” or the classic “Black Line”.

3. MAC Lipstick

Whether you go for a Matte or Glossy you can NEVER go wrong with a MAC lipstick. Some of the longest lasting, most daring shades I have ever used – you can literally buy any shade of MAC lipstick and never be unhappy with it. Mix their matte lipstick with a gloss or just use their gloss finish – these are the lipsticks you can literally trust with your life! Here are some of my favourite shades: Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Myth, Creme Cup, Hug me, Ronnie Red, Maleficent’s “True Loves Kiss”.

4. MAC Powder Blush

Again one of the products you can trust from MAC, whether you buy their mineralize kaleidoscope blush or a single shade, you will soon fall in love. I will cheat and add their bronzer to this category too. My favourite ones if you want to find them are: Dollymix & Eversun.

5. MAC Fix + Rosewater

One of my most favourite products to come from MAC is their refreshing make up fixer. This little spray does nothing more than set your make up once your done and I prefer the one with rose water because it leaves you feeling fresh and silky! If you won’t invest in anything else, definitely invest in this – it finishes over your make up once your done and basically it is supposed to keep your make up set throughout the day.

I hope you enjoyed my brand spotlight on MAC and though it is really hard to pick just 5 products of a make up brand that I love so dearly, I had to give it a shot for you ladies who might want to start a MAC collection. In other products I enjoy their mascara’s and dazzle lip glass for a shimmery lip a lot too. One other thing I wanted to address through this blog is the fact that sometimes people will write to me to say how a beauty or make up product I suggested ended up being horrible, so for this ladies as I mentioned before every individuals skip type is different, so despite you telling me what type of skin you have I might recommend a product that might not work for you, so it is essential you try every product before you add it permanently to your routine and although this technique might mean you are wasting money sometimes, it is essential for the health of your beauty and skin. Despite that all I hope to do is to make your make up and skin routine as flawless as it can be. Until next Monday, happy shopping!