Fashion Alert: What’s Gonna Be “In” this Year in Street Style

Rise and shine fellas!
New Year brings new changes. Be it any field, many fads fade and numerous new make their way with time. But there are some trends that become timeless (till the temporary eternal) and such trends are not gonna go away any sooner. With the sale season at its peak, hardly anyone would be able to resist those tempting articles at great price cuts (Yeap, I am talking about all those shopaholics out there!). So before you head out to shop till you drop, you need to get your facts straight about what’s the best bet to get this season. For your help, here are the 5 style inspos that are meant to make some noise the whole year round.


Well, let’s call this trend timeless because it REALLY is. Never gets old. Bold, monotone, thin, thick, colorful, stripes are one of those things in fashion that have been reinvented for countless times. They have nine lives. Like the white t-shirt, they can go very well with almost every wardrobe choice. Like the good old times, stripes are gonna rule throughout the year. I am excited for those cool spring and summer hues but meanwhile, I am busy in digging them for my winter style!


Yay. I mean, I couldn’t be happier that my all time fav go-to shoe choice for everyday chic casual will be seen more often this year. Sneakers have been highly popular with the younger and older people alike because of their versatility and comfort. Till now, Superstar and classic Converse sneakers have been quite the rage worldwide and guess what, they are not going out of style. With multiple options available in colors, styles and textures, sneakers give us all the reasons to own multiple pairs all at once.

Artistic Prints

During the latest international runways, ‘creative painterly prints’ was one of the most prominent trends that was noticed in different collections by the renowned fashion houses. Be it trousers, shirts or blazers, these unique prints covered most of the spring/summer 2017 style. I know they are gonne be definitely a hot thing this year for two reasons: One, they perfectly resonate with those who have an unusual or rather artistic taste in clothing and two, they look great. Let’s see how this trend makes its way here this year.

Sports Chic

Bomber jackets and grips trousers were some of the hottest articles last year and don’t worry, they aren’t going out of style soon. A great blend of style and comfort, athletic-inspired pieces will bring a new shift in the attitude towards ‘everyday elegance’. The impact of Sports Chic will continue to influence a major portion of fashion that go hand in hand with the seasonality.


Just when we thought that applications of Khaki are over, international designers amazed the world with their crazy imagination and gorgeous cuts. Surprisingly, Khaki will be more popular with ladies than gentlemen this year (what say, girls?). It will grab a major chunk of Street wear and some share of formal wear. I drooled over some of the collections that I saw during the recent fashion shows; now let’s see how our designers experiment with this popular trend (fingers crossed)!

That’s all for today, folks. So, tell me how well am I keeping up with my posts so far? I try my best to keep you guys posted about whatever is on my mind. From your feedback on Facebook, I seem to do quite well (Keep sending me your love though!). Until next time.

Love, Redah.