Tips & Tricks for Oh-So-Fly Lashes & Brows

Hi beauties!
How’s the day going? I have been having a super busy week and kinda slacking about posting new stuff. Just kidding, I love you guys and here I am! So, with the #HudaBeautyLashes bombarding my insta feed, I couldn’t resist but dug my favorite beauty sources and share what I feel about the trend.
Brows & lashes have so much to do in perfecting your look. These tiny hair are capable of besting or busting your whole look. With these two on point, you can make your eyes talk, before you actually talk. Brow art, beauty lashes, thick brows, thin brows – there is a lot going on out there. Regardless of all the hi-bye fads, the only forevers are your well-kept lashes and brows. Let’s cut down to the chase and get down to real deal – presenting some pro tips & hacks for beautiful brows and lashes.

No matter what shape you are rocking, brows are no joke, bro. Not only they need to be held dear but also should be maintained. Let’s be real, it’s hard to make those timely (and regular) visits to your favorite salon but there are some tricks that might come handy while you are trying to ace your brow game. Here are some that will keep you going.

Tweezing your brows? This tip might come handy. Cover the hair you want to get rid of with a concealer or a light-colored pencil – plucking those unwanted hair would be easier.

If, naturally, your brows are not symmetrical and you often need a pencil to fix them then focus more on the arch than on the tip that is closer to your nose. Adding more color to start of the brows makes them look “made-up” but perfecting the arch gives you natural-looking, in-shape brows.

Brush before you rush. Yup, don’t underestimate the power of brushing your brows. The proven method that enhances your natural volume and helps you restore the shape is to start with brushing against the hair growth. Then, move the brush up and sideways to settle them.

While you are at it, add a light powder shadow under the arch to highlight and refine the shape.

In times when you can’t afford spending more than a few minutes to fix them, lightly run your mascara wand and brush them to give them a desired hold.

Well, need I say more about the obsession of thick and luscious lashes? I don’t think so. While some are born with it (all hail to superior family genes), others might struggle with thin lashes. Adding some volume with the mascara is surely an easy way out but with the falsies being the new IT, you need some more to go by. Here’s my guide to keep them blinking and fluttering with confidence.

First things first. If you are all set to apply the mascara then wiggle the wand from side to side instead of up and out – nope, that just won’t do.

If you have elongated eyes and you wanna create an illusion of rounder eyes then apply more mascara in the center and slowly brush it out to the edges. Reverse the procedures if you want your eyes to look elongated.

While curling the lashes, squeeze twice; first closer to the eye lid and second out towards the tip. It will give you natural curls.

Have lashes that are reasonably thicker and you just need a touch-up to take them up a notch then consider applying the mascara with a fine, soft-bristled brush. It works wonders.

If you don’t mind a vibrant look that goes with your OOTD then add a pop of color to your lashes. If you haven’t tried colored mascara before then pick darker shades to get started. My suggestion: Navy blue or indigo won’t let you down. Pick one & be sure to surprise (pleasantly, of course!) your squad at that fun chilling session you have been planning lately!

That’s all for today, folks! Hope these tips will come handy – let me know if they do. Also, I am always up for your suggestions about things you wanna talk or know about so hit me up with your queries. Stay beautiful, have a killer week! Until next time.
Love, Redah.