Why Cleaning your Make Up Brushes is Important.

Everybody gets lazy about their beauty, we all end up acquiring some sort of bad beauty regime and one of the most common offenses is unclean make up brushes. On a day to day basis, it may seem highly unimportant but imagine what you’re doing to your skin when you’re using unsanitary tools? Its probably worse than not washing your face before settling down to sleep. All that dust, bacteria and layers make up or beauty product you’ve applied has gathered in one place and is “stuck” there. Let me explain how.

What dirty brushes do to your skin?

Your bristles collect pigment they also gather dirt, oil and bacteria and this affects women with sensitive acne-prone skin the most! The build-up on your make up brushes gets transferred to your skin and causes breakouts. I recommend cleaning your tools with warm water and a gentle soap weekly to avoid unhealthy bacteria accumulation or more frequently depending on how much you use them

Cleaning tips

In addition to nasty side effects, filthy tips can interfere with your artwork. Washing your brushes once a week keeps bristles soft for easier application and allows you to grab the true pigment you want easily. If you’re prone to acne, wash your sponges, brushes, and eye lash curlers daily. There are many methods for cleaning brushes, I use a combination of baking soda and baby shampoo to clean fluffy brushes. After washing them hang your brushes upside down this is important to ensure none of the liquid seeps back into the base of the brush. I also suggest spritzing a cleansing spray which can be used on pressed powders too and laying brushes flat on a clean paper towel overnight.