5 Men’s Hair Trends for Summer 2016

Hola beauties!

How are you guys doing? How’s May coming along so far, if I MAY ask? Short clothes and shorter hair are two of the hallmarks of summer fashion. Where women like to chop chop in summer, there’s no best time for men to flaunt some great hair styles than the current season. We all know what a sexy and well-managed haircut is capable of! If you think the man in your family (or life) needs some of the hottest hair trends to try this summer but he is waiting for a head-start, well you’ve landed on the right page. Today, I am gonna discuss some of the most amazing and flattering summer hairstyles for men. Ready? Let’s cruise.

The Classic Undercut

Okay this might not be a ‘new’ trend in men hair but it still is one of the hottest hairstyles to turn up the heat on fashion runways and streets alike. A staple style for fashion editorial issues, the style is extremely popular with the international celebrities as well. The best part of the undercut is that it is very flexible and fits almost every hair type. Straight, wavy or curly, stylists seem to have a way with this iconic hairstyle and aesthetically mould it to give it a new twist.
If you think they guy you know is not very open about trying out new hairstyles then the classic undercut is a good (and safe) way to get started for the summer. Trimmed sides with the medium-sized top are easy to maintain and it’s also not too extreme for guys who are a little conservative when it comes to haircuts. A layered undercut is recommended for those who fancy depth and volume and want to amplify their locks (it is equally hot, by the way). So, you guys ready for some trim and prim?

Side Part Pompadour

One men hairstyle that no woman can deny to fall for is the side part pompadour. Meticulous to its core, the cut needs a skillful stylist who is equipped to refine the side whiskers while merging the top hair for the ultimate side part. The best part about this hairstyle is that it is timeless and looks good on almost everyone with whatsoever face cut. A low fade is a great twist to add on the pompadour which gives it a modern touch. If they guy has more hair and his front line is not receding, he can go for the signature fifties slick that looks super-hot with a tucked-in polo shirt and wayfarers (I know, my head is also full of the images of those guys!)

Caesar Cut

For those who like to let go their strands and opt for shorter hair for the hot season, Caesar cut is their thing. Extremely easy to maintain and too hard to ignore, this cut is ideal for summer. The good thing about this cut is that it can be carried without using any hair product and can be given a spiky outlook just with a dab of wax.

All one needs to do is spread a small amount of hair wax onto the fingers and swipe them through the hair and it’s done! Bonus? The spikes remain in their place for longer without requiring anything else for the extra hold. For one of those lazy days, one doesn’t need to bother at all because guess what, the haircut can be carried without even combing the hair at all! Amazing, right? Paired with a little stubble, Caesar cut can prove to be a major lady-killer!

Messy Spikes

A brilliant style for those with naturally coarse or wavy hair, messy spikes are perfect to rock a laid-back street-style look. Not only it’s youthful but also adds a boy-like flair to any man. It wasn’t long when Zayn Malik rocked messy spikes and it became a thing in men hair trends. With sides medium-high and finely cut along with a long and voluminous top, the style requires a little extra effort (totally worth it) to hold the long spikes in place. Good news? It can be carried as a slick gel-back for rather more sophisticated get-togethers and I bet no one will recognize that it’s the same hair you had during your gig night!

Medium-texturized High Fade Pomp

Similar (yet a lot different) to side part pompadour, this hairstyle ingeniously combines short sides with medium-length top which is carefully texturized to give the look and feel of a rough pompadour. Maintaining and carrying this style is a piece of cake and one doesn’t need much time and effort to give it a go. A treat for the college and office-goers, one can never go wrong with style. Guys can brush it high for the back slick or even sweep it to the side to maintain their natural part. Short sides and tapered back make this style ultra-modern which is a great thing for those who like to stay at the top of their style game. Convinced yet? Try yourself and let me know!

With that note, I conclude my list of top hair trends for men for summer 2016. By the way guys, I am totally loving the questions and suggestions you hit me up with on Facebook and I’ll do a post about those questions soon. I want to thank all of you for reading my posts and sharing your feedback. I’m overwhelmed by your support and response! Keep your love coming. Until next time.

Love, Redah.