Tips and remedies for a summer-ready skin

Hello beauties!
Summer is here! Where the season brings a lot of fun (and some great fruits), it also promises some ugly spots and tan lines. If you’re terrified by the idea of getting scorched by the sun, you’re not alone. We all despise that. I am often asked about the ways to cure the aftermaths of summer on skin but I’ve never really shared much about it with you guys. Today, I am up for a thorough session about the tips and some remedies for a summer-ready skin. So all you ladies, find a comfy spot, sit back and gear up for some reading. Ready? Let’s start, shall we?

Hydrate well
Goes without saying right? We all are tempted to wear sleeveless and thinner clothes in summers, because duh, who wants to melt under the scorching sun. With our skin exposed, the natural fluids in our skin are prone to diminish under the sun. Some exposure to the sunlight and poof, they’re gone with the wind. The loss of such fluids can result in dehydration and dry skin. The best way to keep these things at bay is to stay hydrated. Always keep a water bottle at your disposal and keep sipping after a while. Boost your protection with foods enriched with antioxidants and vitamin C. Pick fruits and leafy greens for healthy snacks and be amazed with their benefits on your gut and skin.

Put some sunscreen before you get sun-kissed
I know selfies turn out to be way hotter under the golden light of sun but before you get down to that, you gotta make sure that your face is ready to face the sun. Never be stingy while investing in a good SPF solution or sunscreen because it’s THE most important thing in your makeup staple (I will not stop nagging you until you buy a good SPF this summer). A good SPF proves to be a tan-defying and wrinkle-preventing potion and trust me, you don’t wanna miss it while you’re out and about. Dab some on your face, neck and arms and do it religiously. Put on your sexy shades and go out fearlessly. Ready to slay the summer?

Never skimp on lip balm and eye cream
The summer heat is more likely to attack our delicate areas that may come in contact with the sun. Eyes and lips are the most sensitive parts and must be protected from the sun. Where a good hydration level will get most of the job done, you’ll still need something extra. Yes, a lip balm and an eye cream go a long way. Put some on after washing your face to minimize the effects of summer on those peepers and kissers.

Wash and cleanse
Due to high temperature, our pores open more than usual and the sebaceous glands under our skin tend to release more oil and toxins. The sebum mixed with dirt forms an ugly layer of dead cells which clogs the pores and results in blemishes. The key to avoid this is to wash your face at least twice or thrice a day. You can use a face wash that works for your skin but don’t use it with every wash.
Cleansing your skin at night is a must if you want a meticulously glowing skin in the morning. If possible, clean your face and eyes with rosewater when you get home after a hectic day. You’ll feel better and fresher. You can also replace the regime with a herbal toner. Dab it up after you wash your face and feel the rejuvenation soaking in your skin.

Aloe Vera and Lemon for the win
These two form a killer combo. Lemon is one of the most beneficial citrus fruits and makes a natural bleaching agent. No wonder it’s used in numerous skin and hair care products. Aloe Vera is one of the greatest bounties to mankind from nature. It’s a magical plant. Topped with natural antiseptics, it has great beauty and medicinal applications.
The fusion of these two can promise a fresh, healthy and tan-free skin in summers. All you gotta do is to squeeze some lemon juice in a bowl, mix the Aloe Vera gel and form a paste. Spread it on your skin and under the eyes and let it dry. Wash and rinse afterwards without any soap or face wash. Repeat this twice or thrice a week until you get a naturally fresh skin and thank me later!

Keep your skin moist with turmeric, honey and yogurt
A common kitchen essential and a great anti-bacterial agent, turmeric is often addressed as the magical powder in Ayurveda and herbal treatment. Yogurt, on the other hand is a known for its healing powers and health benefits. I was amazed to find out that yogurt was attributed to be one of the reasons behind Soviet Georgians’ health and long life (interesting, right?). I think I don’t need to mention what honey is capable of doing (because, we all are aware of its superpowers!). If your skin gets flakey and dry due to dehydration and well, summer heat, this one is a safe and quick fix for it.
Our skin is most likely to lose its moisture under the sun and that’s where this brilliant face pack comes in. Take a handful of yogurt, some honey and turmeric powder. Blend them well till a thick paste is formed. Apply it on your skin and relax for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off without soap and feel good while looking in the mirror. You can use it twice a week for a moisture-balanced and naturally radiant skin.

And, that’s it. I could have gone in great depths about the topic but had to stick to the basics and doable stuff mostly. Our skin needs some extra attention in summers as the season is not very promising in Pakistan, especially in Lahore (yes, I feel you Lahories!). Include the abovementioned things in your daily routine and you won’t have to worry much. Here’s to surviving summer while looking and feeling at your best! By the way, I am always eager to know what you guys have to say about my posts so feel free to hit me up on Facebook. Until next time.

Love, Redah.