Make Up Staples

Hello my beautiful readers! Sun has been kind (or furious if we say) since last week and days are brighter than ever. My urge on such days is to absorb maximum amount of Vitamin D possible because no one likes to take a stroll under the sun during summers. So a few days ago, while having orange juice under the sun, I and my friends started discussing the intimidating amount of beauty products that flash our eyes these days. Some of them are actually essential while others are just being pushed on us (elbow scrubs, seriously?). This gives me an opportunity to compile a list of makeup essentials that you can safely invest in, without losing your mind and savings! Without further ado, here are eight must-have makeup staples every sane girl should go for:

Sunscreen Lotion

It is the most essential beauty staple every woman (or even man) will buy, hands down. Talk about the effects of global warming and our city is at the radar of its wrath. Lahore is one of the cities of Pakistan where sun decides to shine a little brighter and you know well what this means. I think a good sunscreen lotion is a wrinkle-defying, complexion-enhancing and sunspot-preventing formula that does wonders in every season. That is why it tops my list of most vital makeup staples to hog.


Thanks to the era we are living in as we don’t have to stick to the perception that “fair” equals beautiful. A good foundation is literally the base of any makeup you put on. You might be overwhelmed to see the range of foundation tones while walking by the aisles of your favorite makeup store but trust me they have a purpose. A good foundation is always the one that perfectly matches your skin color and only works its magic to enhance it.If you are ‘on-the-go’ type of a girl then investing in a foundation that easily blends and lasts longer is a wise decision. In that case, I am gonna go with Masarrat Misbah’s signature Silk Foundation that is ideal for great coverage and balance. Its unique weightless formula enhances your skin tone and keeps it moisturized. You can easily toss it in your handbag and whip it out whenever your skin needs a quick flawless fix!


Liner is like a magical potion that blows life into your eyes. No matter how hard it is to pull off two perfectly equal eyeliner wings (I feel you, girls), no look is complete without it. With hundreds of brands, designs and forms that eyeliners come in these days, it might be confusing for you to make a choice. Let me make it easy for you! Whether you are into an intense cat eye look for a party or fancy sleek lines to compliment your daily look, Masarrat Misbah’s Perfect Wear Eyeliner has got you covered.


Mascara is great for lash thickening and lengthening but some mascara brands just don’t do what they really need to do. No one wants their lashes to look like clumpy spider legs; that’s why it is important to go for one that gets the job done, the right way. Having said that, Masarrat Misbah’s very own Lash Volumizer is perfect for satisfying every woman’s craving for thicker, longer and impactful lashes. Go on and let your lashes unleash their full potential!

Blush On

Some of you might be blessed with that natural pink glow that you are inherited with but others might not. A touch of right cheek color can take your whole look up a notch and make you look radiant. Bold browns or plushy pinks, it doesn’t matter as long as you are choosing right.
Besides your preferred color, you also need durability right? No one needs a blush on that becomes air. With Masarrat Misbah’s Stay On Blusher, you can welcome naturally glowing cheeks all day long. So when are you getting your blush ON babe?


A signature scent is the best accessory ANYONE can wear. I consider it one of the most essential beauty staples. You can well imagine what the whiff of a good scent is capable of. It can make you forget the whole world for a moment and transports you to some paradise garden. Pick a perfume or cologne that speaks to you and keep it close to your heart. If you are confused about picking one then you can get your hands on Chanel COCO Mademoiselle or White Nirvana by Elizabeth and James without thinking twice. Puff-puff thrice and your job is done. Ready for some man-down?

Lip Color

Honestly, a good lip color is like a trip to spring fest. You are free to experiment with all the lipsticks in the world but there’s this one lip color that will help you put your makeup together, always. It could be any color but in my opinion pink (and its unlimited hues) is universally flattering. With the birth of liquid lipsticks, we are able to get the best of both worlds; lipstick and gloss. Owing to this new in-thing, Masarrat Misbah’s signature Liquid Lipstick in Phenomenal Red shade is my ultimate pick. With its creamy, opaque sensation, you can be sure of a lasting lip color experience for hours. Put that on and get ready to take on the world!

Makeup Remover

Girls, this one is non-negotiable. You can own all the cosmetics in the world but if your beauty box lacks a good makeup remover, you are at great loss. Taking off makeup is as important as putting it on. I am sure you don’t wanna get me started with an explanation to what sleeping with makeup on can do to your face. Buying and keeping a good makeup remover is essential and trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the benefits it entails. From liquids to pads, there are so many in-betweens that are easily available at your favorite store so rush now and get one if you don’t own one already.

This sums up my list of must-have make staples, hope it was useful. What else includes in your daily makeup routine? Hit me up on Facebook and share, I would love to know. Until next Monday, look after yourself and stay gorgeous. Ciao!

Love, Redah.