What’s your bedtime beauty routine?
Getting up in the morning, whether you like it or not, works out because you have to wake up at some point of the day and head out of the house. This makes morning beauty rituals and routines super easy and well, let’s just say this is one we can’t skip out on! Today I want to convince you ladies of how immensely important a night time routine is as well.
Studies have proven that the skin repair cell turnover rate is higher while we sleep, therefore your skin can repair damage and heal faster while you sleep. Having a healthy beauty routine before sleeping can help you keep the years off your look at least! Here’s a few things you can do to adapt a more healthy, regular and rejuvenating bedtime beauty routine.
1. Cleanse: 
Considering that summer here, I advise you consider taking a cool shower before you head on to bed. During the summer, two showers are essential! The heat and sweat leave your pores open and vulnerable to bad bacteria, dust and all types of atmospheric carcinogens. So hop in the shower, lather on the facewash/body wash and cleanse your skin.
2. Exfoliate: 
An essential part of your shower routine should be exfoliation. Use a gental scrub for your face, St. Ives Apricot Scrub is one I recommend. And for your body you can try The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit scrub-once a week no more. Exfoliating at night is better because this way you won’t need to step out in the sun with a fresh layer of skin!
3. Moisturize 
The most obvious step for the night, yes you must always moisturize, especially after exfoliation. For the face I recommend Oil of Olays night cream and for the body you can try Neutrogena’s Relaxing body moisturizer (the lavender and chamomile help you sleep better too).
4. Hand hands hands 
I’m adding this as an additional step because moisturizing, doesn’t mean you’ve taken care of your hands. Buy a night time hand and cuticle moisturizer. Try finding one with peptides and vitamins!
5. Mouthwash
At night your mouth is a bacteria breeding ground! If you want to escape bad breath and keep your teeth and gums healthy, brush your teeth but also use mouthwash! Stay fresh!
6. Lip Balm 
This is the last but my most favorite step! I love lip balm and having soft lips is essential for that lipstick to look good! You can use Vaseline petroleum jelly, Esos lip balm, Labello – just use lip balm!
Even if you decide not to go the long haul of this entire routine, I hope you can pick and choose some favorites to keep with you! Remember taking care of yourself should be your top priority! When you do so much for everyone and everything else, do a little for your body, adapt a healthy, fresh and effective bedtime routine! Till next Monday, have a good one!