5 Things You Should Include In Your Winter Routine

Hi peeps!
How are you keeping up with life? Though people mistook smog as fog again, yet there’s no doubt that winter has finally kicked in. The chilly vibe of the season makes evening coffees a whole lot better. With the changing weather, everyone makes a conscious (or unconscious) effort of adjusting their personal care regime and honestly that’s a great thing. Now the effort put to make that change happen varies from person to person; some might be very particular with it, others might be “go-with-the-flow” type.
That said, no matter which type you belong to, there are five simple things you must include in your winter routine to make the best of the season.

Keep Water Handy

That’s priority number one. Why? Gotta stay hydrated. We tend to feel less thirsty during winters, yes, but that doesn’t mean you compromise on your water intake. Our body needs to be hydrated to function at its best so we need to be vigilant about it. Forget you’re slacking, ignore you’re too busy, keep a water bottle handy if you have to but stay hydrated. It’s important. You can drink all of your favorite beverages too (with modesty, of course!) but put water above all. You’d be doing yourself a huge favor.

Moisturizer Is Your BFF

Yup. Gone are the days of sweltering sun when you couldn’t afford to provide your skin with some additional moisture; open pores and oily skin would suffice. If I have to name one beauty regime that’s always a winter classic (and sacred) for me then ‘keeping a moisturizer handy’ would be my first choice. Besides water, moisture is the key to skin hydration and hydrated skin is the key to keep premature ageing signs like fine lines at bay.
A good moisturizer shields your skin against the effects of cold and dry weather while providing it with the essential moisture and hydration. Next time when you hit the store for shopping, don’t forget get your hands on your favorite moisturizer. Bingo if you already have it in your beauty staple!

Juice & Nuts, Yes Please

Winter brings some yummy fruits and wholesome dried fruits – although you get most of them the year round but fresh fruit of the season is irreplaceable. I won’t go too far with reminding you of the wondrous benefits of these fruits and nuts because that would take like, forever. Fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, healthy fats – you name it and you’ll get in plenty with the seasonal fruits and nuts that are abundant these days. If you’re not a fruit lover then get your dose of nutrients with the juices. No matter what your choice is, skipping on fruits and nuts is not an option if you want to stay at your best during the season that is known for flu and other viral infections.

Move More

I know it gets really tough during the cold days of winter. I mean let’s face this: no one likes to leave their cozy beds and set out for some physical activity. But do you know that according to a very authentic study, people who get into some physical activity like brisk walking, climbing stairs or playing tennis more often than others are 35% less likely to catch cold? The benefits of moving more are definitely more than this.
Gym, sports or just brisk-walking in your lawn; no matter what your pick is, you need to have something to push you to move more in winters so that you can dodge the “bads” of the season in trade of the “goods”!

Get Your Hands on a Mask & Sanitizer

Like, NOW. Forget how you’re going to look in the public wearing a surgical mask. You’re well aware of the situation and smog is no joke. If something is not as bad as something fatal, doesn’t mean it is not bad enough. The dense smog along with the day to day pollution is a perfect habitat of flu and other viral infections. Investing in a 5-rupee mask may seem small but it is a big thing. Please wear it whenever you’re out and about.
Most of the infections are viral and they make their way to our bodies through hands. Keeping a hand sanitizer at your disposal can rescue you during the situation where you need some clean contact without washing your hands. I personally prefer fragrance-free ones as they get the job done pretty well. Your bag can miss your vanity box when you are on the go but not a hand sanitizer or mask.

That’s about it folks. What’s your “must” as far as winter care is concerned? Stay at your best and don’t forget to share your thoughts on this. Until next time.
Love, Redah.