Fall Hair Shedding 101: Things to Know & to Deal With

Hi ladies,
The season is changing quickly; it’s (almost) time to bid farewell to summer. Among other things to watch out while the season is taking a turn, one thing that you’d have to deal with is hair shedding. Yes, we all have been through this. You’re brushing your hair for a quick fix and you see piles of them in the brush. You go for a good shower, shampoo your hair, sing you favorite jam and when you are about to rinse, you see clumps of them going down with foam and water. I mean, it’s one of those moments when you actually start thinking about the normal hair fall rate and whether this would lead to bald patches. Know that feeling? Don’t know about you but I very well do.

Take a deep breath because chances are that nothing is wrong. Truth is, you might be dealing with seasonal hair fall. Experts say that most people notice an increase in hair fall during later spring and early fall days. Just like the season and everything else, our hair experience a transition. Maybe it’s the rule of Mother Nature that just like leaves, our hair have to fall in Fall too. When the temperature drops and water gets cooler, our summer hair battle to adjust to the change in atmosphere and fall shedding becomes more visible. So, if you experience excessive hair fall during the cooler months, don’t panic because these hair are REALLY not gone and are likely to grow back (phew).

That said, our hair are the highest in number in the telogen phase in July and another spike comes in early April. Hair in that phase generally fall after 100 days which makes hair shedding obvious in Fall. The reason for this trend is unclear though. Perhaps, it is the natural way of our body and hormones to respond to such changes. The good news is that hair shed in that phase will grow back through a healthy follicle, unless you experience a major change like illness, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance or pattern baldness.

So all of this brings us to the question: Is there anything we can do to deal with Fall hair shedding?
The answer is yes. The changing season demands a change in your beauty care regime and you hair are no exception. A good hair care routine would last for days and definitely help you keep excessive (if not seasonal) hair fall at bay. First things first, you gotta pay attention to what you eat. Including vitamins is essential for keeping your hair in good condition. That means keeping a check on your fruits and veggies intake. Vitamins are also available in the form of supplements and there is nothing wrong with taking a good supplement but sticking to basics and naturals is always better. Biotin is one of the most promising options available If you are planning to go for supplements. It not only helps prevent excessive hair fall but also aid in thickening you hair.

Another way to revitalize your hair during the shedding phase is conditioning. Hair tend to go dry and brittle which leads to breakage and you don’t want that happening at all. Serums and conditioners that help restore natural moisture of hair and scalp would be handy. Also, pay attention to your hair fall; see if they are shedding or breaking. Excessive shedding, obviously, would require some expert help than just relying on your hair care routine.

Keeping your hair free and letting them breathe is imperative in maintaining good hair. Scarves, caps and mufflers can easily induce more friction in hair which can speed up the process of shedding/breakage. I’ll also recommend you to keep ironing and heating your hair as less as possible. You can totally rock clean hair with a good haircut as your regular go-to style (refer to my previous posts 😉 ) this Fall!

To be honest, if you are an average busy woman like me then you can’t really do much about the seasonal hair shedding. But if you are already concerned about hair thinning and falling then you should go for a medical solution recommended by an expert.
That’s all for today, babes. Hope you found it helpful. Don’t forget to share your suggestions and ways of fighting this legendary battle, you know where to hit me up! Have a safe (pun intended) Fall! Until next time.
Love, Redah.