Everything You Need to Know about Rihanna’s New Makeup Line

Hola beauties!

How’s your day? So the updates and hype about Rihanna’s new makeup line, Fenty Beauty, are EVERYWHERE. Beauty buffs around the globe were going nuts since the news circulated about the much awaited collection by the ultimate style queen, RiRi. The collection debuted at Sephora and Harvey Nicholas on September 8 at midnight and oh my, it didn’t disappoint at all. If I were to sum up the collection in a few words then I’d say: it’s versatile and hot! Versatile because it boasts a range of products; from highlighters to eyes shadows, contour sticks to makeup brushes and that too, for a diverse audience with distinct skin tones. Hot because, well, it’s Rihanna after all.
Fenty Beauty is said to be the “rocket ship” that will appeal to huge global audience with unique beauty preferences. More products will be hitting the shelves soon but for now, the world has enough to try and talk about. So for those of you who adore Rihanna like I do, here’s an overview of the hottest collection that has just been introduced. Hold your horses, here we go!

The Collection – A glimpse

Though the collection has the basics covered, more is yet to come. According to its official Instagram account, the line has foundations, creamy highlighters, a blush/highlight duo, lip glosses, concealers, makeup brushes and a beauty blender. In case you are wondering, it aptly covers the popular makeup pallet which goes from bronzy to rosy to warmer shades of makeup galore and is surely meant to make you Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

Foundations – Color Scheme
The Pro Filter Foundation range is insane, for good! It rocks 40 different shades for the foundation that are meant to go well with lighter skin tones to darker ones and everything in between. Rihanna found it imperative to cater to fine needs of women of color and she has really given something that every brown woman would love to have in her staple. With an opaque, smooth base that blends easily with fingers and the sponge, you don’t really need to mix it with your moisturizer. BUT, you can definitely work it on the top of your face cream.

Matte Skinstick

This box comes with multiple shades and reads “conceal, correct and contour”. Thicker than the lip balm, these creamy, chubby sticks are magical. They settle on the skin and blend well to provide a great texture and tint to the features you wanna focus on. Bonus? These babies can be used an eye shadow too! Variants like Unicorn, Chilli Mango, Sinamon and Espresso can effortlessly give you subtle violet, tangerine, bronze and glossy lid respectively.

Killawatt Highlighter

Talk about highlighting and RiRi has us there too. The popular one is called the Trophy Wife – a solid gold shade that Rihanna herself flaunted. The other two shades are called Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule that are dense highlighters and come under bronze/brownish hue. These highlighters have less shimmer and more fine-grade glitter which is ideal for great finish and impact. If used with a wet brush, you can top coat your metallic eyeliner. A winner already?

Beauty Gloss Balm

Again, one of those things that looks good on every skin color. The mermaid version of a nude lip smells like cocktail and gives you a shiny (but not too much) coat on your kissers. Swipe and slide into the Only Girl in the World kinda feels.

The collection, nonetheless, is garnering attention from around the world for the obvious reasons. Let’s see what Rihanna has next in her staple for the makeup lovers (so looking out for this!). What are your thoughts on this? Don’t forget to share. Until next time.
Love, Redah.