5 Reasons Why I Love Pakistan

Hi peeps! How’s it going? The past long weekend was full of celebratory vibe. The city was lit, people were out on the roads, vehicles played patriotic songs, brands and eateries introduced promotions to fit in the scene and what not. To be honest, I was slightly annoyed. Everything made me think of the things that are not right in the country and people celebrating it added to my discomfort. Mixed feelings of guilt, pity, anger and remorse filled me up and I questioned my existence, this country and nation.

I have been neutral to the idea of patriotism so I made no exceptions to join the celebrations of the Independence Day. While this was up, one of my friends met me and asked me for a reason to love Pakistan. I was kinda clueless. I never really thought about it so I ended up dodging the topic. The question, however, stuck somewhere in my head. I got back home, finished my chores and slid into bed. Why do I love Pakistan? I questioned myself. In no time, thoughts started kicking in and finally I was able to list a few reasons to love Pakistan. I mean in the midst of all this chaos and monstrosity, there had to be something that was worth cherishing. So yeah, here are my reasons of falling in love with this country despite so many offs.

You step out, go to work, have a long day but as soon as you tuck yourself in bed at home, half of your worries go away. Right? This is exactly what having a home in Pakistan feels like. No matter how rough the going gets, everything feels right when you have the comfort and warmth of your home. You can try all the luxurious stays around the world but you know that your heart will always belong to home and it will welcome you with arms wide open. The feeling that you belong somewhere is what makes it worthwhile.

We label people of this country and we surely are flawed but there was something about the people of this country that made Dr. Ruth forget her family, beloved and home. She saw something in people of this nation and decided to be here till her last breath. If this country is home to bad people then it also fosters those with the heart of gold. In every part of the world, you’ll find good people and bad people but if there’s even a tiny bit of goodness left, it is worth celebrating. So I’d celebrate that goodness in people and try to pass it on.

Enough said. Among other delicious foods that this country harvests, mangoes are oddly one of the reasons why I love Pakistan. They are the world’s best and there is no debate about it. Fun fact? We are one of the largest exporters of mangoes around the globe and even goras bend their knee when it comes to the lusciousness of rich, ripe mangoes that Pakistan produces.

Okay I know the world is full of wonders but the land of this country never fails to amaze me. I am not referring to the beautiful landscapes and lush natural sceneries (which are obviously marvelous) but the rich and fertile soil that has great bounties to offer. Be it great foods, rare minerals or natural resources, our land has it all. Wait, how can I forget the seasons? I know summer remains for most of the time here (which, by the way, is an aftermath of global warming) but we never really realize that we get to experience a variety of seasons in Pakistan. Like, even the most wanted tourist destinations and spots have a persistent climate and weather throughout the year. So yeah, that is obviously awesome about Pakistan.

Last, but definitely not the least, your family is what makes it all A-okay to be in Pakistan. There are times in your life when you mess up but you know your family will have your back. You can get right up even when the chips are down. Such support system is a little world within this world and you know you belong there no matter regardless of the type of bond you share with your family.

That’s a wrap guys! What’s your reason to love Pakistan? Don’t forget to share it with me, would love to hear your thoughts! Stay at your best and keep the positive vibe going. Until next time.
Love, Redah.