Blog 67 – Habits Every New Mom Should Have to Stay in Shape

Hi ladies!
Hope you are making the best of the time in Ramzan. The month got a whole lot more blissful for me as I am experiencing the wonderful journey of motherhood once again. My son, Zayan Zephyr Qureshi, is one of those blessings that I shall forever be grateful for. Thank you for your love and best wishes, I am truly humbled!

Our bodies, as mothers, go through a lot of changes after birth. If you have been swept off your feet after seeing post-pregnancy pictures of celebs like Miranda Ker, Beyonce, J. Lo and (Oh God, the list is big!) more in bikini-ready bodies then you are not alone! It’s like poof and some magic gets them those fly waists and toned legs. The truth is, it’s not magic. With Crazy diets, personal trainers, meticulous routines and nannies at their service, one is more likely to get the perfect body after becoming a mother.

For majority, the reality is very different. New moms who have to balance work and family life along with an active social lifestyle know what I am talking about. We can’t have that kinda ‘planned’ days. Being one of these moms, I have been looking for ways to get back in shape with a stronger and healthier (not skinnier) body so that I can keep up with my duties as a mom of two. It took me a while to crack the code but I think I know some of the habits that can surely help those who are, and who have been, on the journey of motherhood.

Watch What You Eat
Duh. Okay I am not talking about that dramatic cut in calories as some woman find dieting the quickest way to lose those extra pounds. You should be taking sufficient calories to give you the energy, especially in early weeks when you are breastfeeding. Gradually, limit your intake of fatty foods and switch back to healthy yet filling foods. Fruits and veggies are a must to soak in all the vital nutrients that you’d need post pregnancy. Weight control is a good thing but you shouldn’t aim for one pound per week. Take it slow and nice, you’ll be better.

Rest; Plenty of Rest
We all know that rest is important during pregnancy. It is important after giving birth as well. You might not be able to get long hours of sleep right after the birth due to various reasons but you should avoid long-term sleep deficits at any cost. If your baby sleeps, you should also rest with them. The needs of your baby are more likely to give you strange sleep cycles which can eventually affect your metabolism, body weight and health. Get enough sleep and rest during the day so that you can keep yourself active and energetic during the hours you are awake.

Move It
No matter how much and in what capacity, just do it. Exercising and keeping your body charged with some kind of activity is crucial to pave your way towards your desired body goal. It will not only help you get back in shape but will also keep you active and reduce postpartum anxiety. Whether it’s as brave as hitting the gym or as basic as some home-based workouts and stretches – go for it. It’s worth the effort and time. However, refrain from any kind of strenuous workout like jogging, jumping and running for at least 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth.

Get Some Help from Classic Remedies
Our Dadis and Nanies always had these hacks and home based remedies handy for almost anything so we can safely get some help from those. Following are some of my personal favs that prove to be extremely effective during the weight loss:
Squeeze in some lime and put some honey in lukewarm water and have it twice a day – a great way to target that fat.
Add some natural (if available) or packaged green tea in your routine. Have it without sugar for extra effect.
Munching on hydrating and super-low on calories foods like tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and celery can do wonders.
Taking apple cider vinegar with hot water twice a day for a calculated time period is said to burn extra body fat faster.

And that’s about it. I know that it’s easier said than done but I am on it! Gotta earn what you want, right? A shout-out to all the mommies who feel that they are part of the club, I feel you ladies! Don’t forget to keep me updated with your struggles and weight loss stories, would love to read! Until next time.
Love, Redah.