6 Signature Scents to Make Summer a Whole Lotta Better

Sup guys?
So, with the last few rain showers, Lahore has been blissfully nice from the past couple of days. The pre-monsoon rains might be kicking in soon but the bright sunny mornings are a toughie for sure. Staying fresh and feeling at your best can become challenging while you are on the go during a hot summer day. With everything else being on point (OOTD, Makeup & what not), one can’t afford to smell bad, right?
Let’s face it, we all have fun sharing those memes about wearing deodorants and taking showers but summer demands a little extra to go by the day with confidence. Besides your daily hygiene regime, one thing that can surely get you going is a good scent. Everybody knows that a nice perfume can work wonders so I won’t waste my time ranting about its importance so here it goes – presenting you 6 perfumes that are hot enough to let you keep your cool this summer.

Valentino Valentina
What’s the worst about investing in a popular perfume? You get to smell it often and in other places other than your boudoir. With Valentina, I wouldn’t mind going through it, to be honest. Regardless of the fact that it’s a little too popular, it is surely irresistible. If you are a fan of sweet, but not too sweet fragrance then that’s your summer scent to put you in the spirit of the season, the right way.

Dior Poison Girl
A successor of one of the greatest Dior hits, Poison, Posion Girl has only added to the acclaim of its line. A rejuvenating blend of Sicilian Sweet Orange, Calabrian Bitter Orange, Neroli, Grasse Rose, Vanilla and Tonka Bean, it gives you more than it promises. The result? A refreshing smell that is juicy and super addictive. The bubblegum pink bottle definitely adds to its girly charm that is meant to last.

Tom Ford Black Orchid
If you are always looking for something more than typical sweet-&-nice bottle of scent then it’s time you stop looking. Black Orchid is your thing for one sole reason. It’s distinctive and bold yet classy. One feature that makes it special is its complex blend – think woodsy, musk and floral. Bonus? Guys love it! (which kinda makes sense because it is a unisex fragrance). Fragile hearts might shy away from spending some dimes but for me, it was love at first spritz!

Vistoria’s Secret Bombshell
Yup, the name says it all. If I were to recommend a floral fragrance to the floral-averse then it would be Vistoria’s Secret Bombshell. Housed in a pink bottle with a sassy ribbon wrapped at the top like the VS Angel’s robe, the vanilla passion fruit juice works like synthetic pheromones. The latest fruity formula is sweet inside and sexy outside. Try it out and you won’t regret your choice.

Ck One Summer
Ck has always been a promising brand when it comes to pleasing the perfume lovers. One Summer aptly does the same. To your surprise, this unisex fragrance is perfect for flaunting your inner cool. The sleek blue bottle houses hints of saffron with summery notes of lime, citron and cucumber and together they create magic. Just a few puffs and the air around you would feel like some desert music festival.

Gucci Bamboo
Gucci has been winning hearts for like, forever. I have been obsessed with Gucci Guilty but this one surely makes a show-stopping entry. If Guilty belongs to bedroom (because, sex appeal!) then Bamboo is for boardrooms. Yes, you heard that right. The sexy tea-pink bottle combines floral and woody notes that harmonize for a Casablanca lily, Tahitian vanilla top and some sandalwood and the result – oh-just-perfect.

So, what do you think? Well, I think that it’s time to bust out some fresh, sparkling scent options that smell totally exotic and nice. Get your hands on one of these and thank me later for all the compliments you get at work or that sunny getaway! Stay at your best and keep slaying! Until next time.
Love, Redah.