7 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Needs to Carry

What’s up girls?
The weather has been playing hide and seek lately but nonetheless, hotter days are here. I am sure you must have made changes to your wardrobe choices and diet routine, your daily skincare regime also needs to be adjusted for the hot season. As a makeup buff, I am always looking for the ways to whittle down my makeup essentials so that a few things can fit in my bag while I am on the go. Besides, the busy routine always keeps you occupied with zillion things so you don’t wanna spend more time in acing that perfect daily look. Now before the ever-changing makeup trends confuse you, you wanna make sure your staples are on point. Here’s a list of seven makeup essentials that you’d need to score your daily makeup goals. Ready? Let’s roll.

Yes. That serum-ish little liquid which many of us skip but it is actually a MUST for a great look around the day. Primer prepares the face for makeup and anchors it down. Don’t we want our base to hold on for longer (Good heavens, yes!). A good primer turns your face into a smooth, pore-protected canvas so that you can enjoy a good put-together look from rushing to your work in the morning till you call it a day at home!

Lip Balm
Lips, being one of the most sensitive parts, get dried in an instant. As the hot wind blows, we need to keep our kissers hydrated and soft. Step one: Drink ample water so that you can hydrate well. Step 2: Keep a lip balm handy. A lip balm (plain or tinted) is ideal for hydrated and soft lips. Tinted lip balms also help you skip the lipstick while giving a natural color to your lips.

That goes without saying. Mascara, like a magical wand, gives your lashes a new life and makes your eyes look livelier. For some, it ranks as important as a dessert at the end of a nice meal and you better not skip it! My suggestion? Lash Volumizer by Massarat Misbah. It comes with an applicator that coats each individual lash for intense drama. Infused with Vitamin B5, Vitamin A-E-F-H, Hippocastanum Seed Extract, Biotin and Inositol, your lashes would love the touch it!

Who doesn’t like a natural blush that enhances your glow and add dimension to your cheeks? Whether creamy or powdery, you need a formula that brings a fresh flush to the cheeks and gets you going. In addition, you need a blush that lasts for hours, not minutes, right? Take a pick from Masarrat Misbah’s signature Stay On Blusher range and get set for the day. Its unique formula provides long lasting and fade-resistant color that glides on smoothly and blends easily. Try it in Apricot or Shell Bronze for an ethereal glow which will last while you are busy making the best of your day!

I have said it earlier and I’ll say it again. You cannot skip an SPF in this weather, hands down. The exposed areas of your body should be dabbed with it before you hit the outdoors so that your skin can be protected from the damage that sunrays are notorious for. Deal? Deal.

BB Cream/Base
A no-brainer for a makeup fan so I’m just reinforcing. If you like your base better then stick to it but you can limit it to a BB Cream if you are not that kinda girl who likes her face “made-up” for a casual, daily look. A good BB Cream is as satisfying as a base and it gets the job done quite efficiently. Regardless of the option you go for, always make sure to pick a shade that compliments your natural complexion. ‘Cause no one likes their face cakey, yeah.

With the temps going up, sweat is inevitable and you know what that means. Where a quality deodorant or mist would help your body battle-off the effects of sweat, a nice perfume will take it up a notch. Keeping a pleasant signature scent handy is a great habit so make sure you nurture it. Invest in a good perfume and toss it your bag. Just a splash of it and off you go feeling more confident about yourself than ever!

That’s it! Easy peasy, right? Toss these things up in your bag and stay at your best throughout the day. Let me know if this was helpful; you know I love hearing from you guys (so keep supporting!). Until next time.
Love, Redah.