Top Nail Colors for Spring 2017

The sweet smell of fresh fruits along with blooming flowers on the roadside on a bright busy day is screaming spring! While you step out from home for work or chilling out with your posse, you gotta make sure you are putting your best foot forward (after all, it’s legit to face the day with spot-on looks). The effort you put in to refine your daily look (along with the vicious process of settling down on a final OOTD) is surely a lot to ask for. With the tiniest of addition, let’s say, a pair of earrings, you can make your effort worth the while.

Talking about additions, I have been obsessed with nail colors all my life. I mean as much as I love manicured, clean nails, I equally adore nails with a sexy nail polish on. Our hands do a lot for us, like everything and if they are given a pop of color, they can look pretty while they are at it. Besides, it’s always nice to compliment your hands the way you compliment your face with your daily makeup regime. Nail color inspos, like makeup, hair and fashion trends, change with seasons. With a lot of inspo from the nature itself, I am picking out my favorites (and the hottest) nail colors to rock in spring 2017.

Matte Sky-blue

Perfect for a chic look, sky-blue with matte texture is the color to pair up with your light-colored outfits. Since we usually opt for cool colors for spring and summer, this nail color is a spot-on for making a style statement there and then.


Not really red like strawberry and not very peachy, this is just the right hue to try with multiple looks and outfits with eyes closed. Too good to be true, this is literally the IT when you don’t have much time to take the old nail color coat off and apply the new one.

Electric Blue

Blue is a winner this spring! Electric blue is ideal for those sassy indoor get-togethers as well as outdoor chilling sessions. Although the options to rock this bold color are limited but you just can’t deprive your nails with this gorgeous shade of blue this spring!

Lilly Pink

I am sure most of you would already have multiple shades of pink in your vanity box but Lilly pink resonates so well with spring (and if any of the colors you already own fits the bill, bingo!). As classic as the red nails, this one perfectly goes with almost any outfit (excuse me if I am being biased) and look. Up for some nail art? Use this with white and other lighter shades to create the nail you desire!

Pale Yellow

As eccentric as it may seem, this is a must-have shade of spring when it comes to stacking nail paints. Yellow is nonetheless a hot color in the market these days but this shade is not disturbing, flashy, in-your-face type rather it is quite soothing for the eyes. It might be outrageous for some but it can’t be missed this spring. Still not sure? Try it as one of your experiments in nail art; you won’t be disappointed!

Rusty Orange

Who says the orange season is over? With this shade on your nails, you can hardly miss a chance to make this season count. Great for day-time, rusty orange is the hue to grace your nails with. Bonus? It won’t look bad with your warmer shades of wardrobe.

That’s all for today, peeps. Let me know if this post made fighting off the manicure boredom itsy bitsy easier. Continue to make the best of the season and if are not already, you better be at it soon! Keep supporting me with your feedback and love. Have a killer week/end! Until next time.
Love, Redah.