5 Simple Yet Game-Changing Inventions that Wouldn’t Have Existed Without the Women’s Work

Hi ladies!
Hope you are slaying as always. Women are superhumans, hands down. Be it household chores, demanding work life, raising children or making things better, women own it. I mean, you don’t need to go far; just look around and you’ll find plenty of examples who would restore your faith in womanhood, or should I say, mankind, for that matter. History’s laid out before our eyes and it tells us stories of some of the greatest women who made everyone proud. Today, I am gonna be sharing a list of things that wouldn’t have been possible without the toil of women. We have heard iconic tales of women’s wonders but today let’s remember those beauties who amazed everyone with their brains. Here’s the list of 5 simple inventions that were made possible with women’s work and determination.

The Life Raft
Women are life saviors, like literally. I am sure no one would like to lie on a wooden door in the middle of an ocean that is capable of freezing you to death (let’s remember the Titanic days, shall we?). Thanks to Maria Beasly who reinvented the life raft in 1882 and it saved hundreds of lives ever since. She introduced things like metal floats and guardrails which completed the discovery. Believe it or not, Rose wouldn’t have lost Jack if they would have hopped on one of the rafts by the legendary Maria Beasly (Oh, poor Jack!).

The Paper Bag
Talk about reducing the global footprint through innovative packaging and you’d see paper bag at the forefront. This simple yet amazing invention is credited to Margaret E. Knight. She gave a new facelift to our modern lunch sack and made carriage of the food super easy to handle. Before the reworked the design, paper bags used to be like envelopes and those were not very promising to put lunch in. Today, the world is seeing the endless possibilities of paper bags in food and other packaging.

Guess what, no one would take a bullet for you but a woman! The material that is saving lives of hundreds of soldiers, guards and all people who are important was invented by none other than Stephanie Kwolek. Kevlar jackets, commonly worn for bullet protection is the result of Kwolek’s efforts. The discovery has countless applications in things like bridge suspension cables and ski helmets. The chain continues and the invention is giving new lives to a lot of people, every day.

The Car Heater
We shall all be indebted to Margret Wilcox for this blissful invention otherwise cold in winter would have taken its toll on us. In 1893, she came up with an ingenious solution that directed hot air from the engine to feet of the drivers that was a perfect blend of functionality and comfort. The early motors that featured Wilcox’s work were considered one of the most comfortable motor cars of the era to take a ride in!

Communication Revolution
The 90s saw a remarkable shift in communication and information technology which laid basis for an advanced future we are living in today. Among others, this revolution is credited to the efforts of a theoretical physicist, Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson. Her endless work and research facilitated various inventions like touchtone phone and fax machine along with discoveries like call waiting and fiber optic cables. You know what that means? All the wireless technology including the internet and ways of communication that we all are hooked to while our life is on the go is perhaps the work of a woman too! Fascinating, right?

That’s all for today, folks. Here’s to more achievements that shall be cherished till the eternity. Here’s to womanhood. Like the Queen Bey says: “Who run the world? Girls!” Well. They surely do. Until next time.
Love, Redah.