Guide To A Thinner Face

One of the very common issues that plagues a female all her life is her fluctuating weight. Every day the pressure on us ladies just grows based on how thin the models or actresses continue to get. To begin with ladies, let me tell you something, what you see when you the picture of a model is A LOT of photoshop. Secondly, a little curves never hurt anyone, but nonetheless I encourage a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight. There are a ton of things you can do to boost your metabolism, on this I will blog later, for now I’m gonna blog about how you can make your face looking thinner with just a few simple steps!

I’m sure what I am about to say will completely freak you girls out because it “sounds” like it is one of the hardest things to do, but the truth is that the beauty of any look lies in some fine details you must follow and contouring is one of these details. A lot of the times when we get queries about bridal make up one of the main concerns for each bride to-be is that their contouring should be done well. This in itself says a lot about how important it is to make sure that when you apply your base or foundation you keep the structure of your face in mind. A long with attaching a photo to highlight which areas of your face need highlighting and which need contouring I will also be giving you a complete detail of how you can make your face look thinner.

1. Warm Tea
First thing in the morning if you like your tea, that is literally the first step to making your face look slimmer. Warm tea helps all your bloating go away, if you don’t like tea just take half a glass of warm water and squeeze lemon in it! When going for a tea try something with peppermint or ginger. (Ginger is one of the best things when you are looking to seem less bloated.)

2. Primer
I cannot emphasize this enough, almost every blog I have written that involves makeup involves a few steps that are a constant. Primer is one of them. Using a brightening and highlighting primer instantly gets rid of any bloating of your skin and the second plus is that it helps keep your pores locked tight, so it helps give your face complete coverage.

3. Contour
One of the quick ways to make your face appear slimmer is to contour. Using a flat brush, apply a contouring blush or powder (matte preferably) in a soft line angled down your cheeks. Start slowly with this, and keep blending to avoid any harsh lines. You can also use the same trick on each side of your nose to help it appear smaller as well.

4. Bronzer
Now I know how much fair skin is just SO important our end of the world, despite it being so funny that everyone out there who has fair skin wants to be tan. Nonetheless bronzer is another instant fixer for a bloated face. Using bronzer or being slightly tan has a natural slimming effect on the face. Use a sheer bronzer to accentuate the power points on your face, when applied right, bronzer helps flattering light bounce of just all the perfect places on your face. Bronzer is usually for the forehead, cheeks & jawline. (For your cheeks apply it almost like blush just make sure to pull the brush up towards your forehead near your hair line.)

5. Illuminator
Highlighters or Illuminators are my favorite part of make up. They give your face just such a beautiful, porcelain sheen. Apply a cheer highlighter/illuminator right down your nose bone & under the eyes for a “illuminating” or brightening effect. When mixed well with a great bronzer this process will really help both steps compliment each other.

6. Lipstick
Here’s a constant trick, if you want your face to look thinner, always use a light lipstick. It helps the rest of your features stand out.

Though again I like to encourage following a healthy lifestyle and maintaining healthy weight. If you struggle with weight issues these are some simple steps you can use to help give your face a slimming effect. Refer to the picture I have attached with the blog to see what places need bronzer and highlighter. Apply them exactly as shown & voila you should have a gorgeous, thinner face! Remember, you can always leave me suggestions on what you would like me to blog about on my facebook page: Until next time, have a fabulous week.