Best Short Hair Ideas to try in Spring 2017

Bonjour beauties!
(Almost) gone are the days of chilly nights and foggy days. The sun shines bright in the morning and the sweet aroma of spring is taking over. It won’t be long till the heat wave hits us harder and among many things that would make you go nuts, it’s your wild hair. Sweat, heat and what not, your hair endure a lot and there’s nothing better than welcoming the new season with a fresh hair cut. Yup, it’s ‘bout time for some chop chop! Without further ado, here are some of the coolest (and hottest) short hair ideas that might come handy while you plan your visit to your favorite stylist.

1) Edgy Pixie

Let’s start from something outrageous. Edgy Pixie is the new “It” if you are looking for some major change in your looks. If you are confused, check out Scarlet Johansson’s latest photos, you’ll know what I am talking about. It’s simply glamorous and less-demanding. Just a handful of your styling cream or if not, a quick blow-dry with a large round brush and you’re set for the day.

2) Wavy Lob

I have always been a great fan of long bobs. They are very chic and easy to carry. Got some inspo from Jennifer Lawrence so I am totally digging her wavy lob. The all over layers of hair should be adjusted to fit your face and give them a nice chop. It might look hard to maintain but it’s fairly easy. If you are not a fan of running your hair through a curling rod every day then tousle them with some moose or styling cream and voila!

3) Ombre Lob

The Ombre hair has already been a thing in the past year. You can go ombre in a graceful lob too. The trend doesn’t necessarily have to have a drastic, in-your-face color contrast as you can be subtle with the classic ombre shades. Part the lob from the side and add an extra hue to the colors of spring.

4) Slicked Back

This style is the ultimate cool cat’s topknot. If you really have no time for your hair as your day goes by in running different errands, working out and stuff then slicked back hair is THE solution to keep up with your crazy routine while staying undeniably stylish. Similar to edgy pixie, slicked back hair are short and can easily be styled by running your styling cream through wet hair and then slicking them back with your fingers or comb. Uber sexy and extremely low-maintenance – yup summer is sorted.

5) Side-swept Bangs

There’s something coy yet alluring about the bangs. Among other benefits, bangs are easy to keep and the look can be re-created with minimum effort. Side-swept bangs are the ultimate trip to the vintage teenage times and the pop sensation Taylor swift has been rocking them pretty well. Short on the sides and shorter from the front, side-swept bangs work great for girls who have thinner hair in the front. Just sweep the bangs on any of the sides you like (left or right) and crunch the sides – you won’t need anything else to up your hair game.

6) Blunt Bob

The classic bob just got sexier. If you have thick or curly hair then blunt bob is the haircut you wanna go for this season. Meticulously center-parted hair and sharp angles that end just before the shoulder give this look a plus. If your hair volume is good (good to the extent that it’s hard to handle) then you can ask your hairstylist to run thinning scissors through the hair to give some definition to the cut. All in all, this is a great deal if you are looking forward to swing into spring with panache.

7) Asymmetrical Pixie

If you are already rocking a bob and kinda like the length of your hair from the front then asymmetrical pixie is the new thing you would want to try. The side length of this cut is almost equal of a side bob but the signature pixie cut from one side and the back make this a killer hybrid. Best of both worlds – if you want me to put this in one line.

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Love, Redah.