5 Makeup Ideas to try this Valentine’s

Hola ladies!
Love is in the air! Yes, you guessed it right! With Valentine’s around the corner, you might be thinking how to ace that dinner date. Gone are the days when red was the ONLY color to wear in wardrobe or makeup. It’s 2017. This year calls for some change in the looks you nailed last year.
The internet seems to blow with the experimental collections by ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics but if you are looking for something less outrageous yet bold to try this Valentine’s, you’ve come to the right place. Say goodbye to classic red lips and voluminous blowout because it’s time to up your Valentine’s game with these simple and chic makeup ideas that I am just about to share with you guys. Ready? Let’s roll.

Lo & Behold, Kiss of Gold

Like I said, Red lip is too mainstream. I know it’s super gorgeous and always a classic hit but if you’re just done with it then try opting for a lighter hue of pink with the touch of gold. If I were to pick then I’d go for matte baby/pale pink with a layer of gold lip gloss on the top for a rosy gold effect. You can get the signature gold lip with your golden highlighter or eye-shadow as well. Just puff it over the layer of lipstick, let it settle and voila, there you go with perfect lips for the eve.

Matte Eyes, No Lies

Matte is not limited to lipsticks only. Pinterest and other beauty inspo sites on the web have made matt eyes a rage already and the predictions are that matt eyes are gonna be new “It” in spring and summer makeup. Well, who has time to wait for that long, right? Get you’re A-game on by opting for softer, matte eye makeup this valentine’s. This would work wonders even if you’re going for bold, red lips. Softer hues like mauve and peach are a good way to unleash your expertise with the eye makeup. You can also add some spark by dramatic eyeliner which is a plus for smaller eyes.

Braided Topknot, OMG Hot

If you think open hair are too casual and red-carpet inspired up-dos are “meh” then you can try braided topknot this time. This hairstyle is super simple and works really well for medium to long hair. Make one sided braid with your side-parted hair and mix it with the remaining hair to form a loose bun. Let some hair flicks flow around the face for an ethereal, angelic look. Isn’t that nice and easy? You’d be surprised to see numerous other versions of this hairstyle if you would look it up online. Like, I am not even kidding. The one I explained above gets the job done quite easily but if you have the time for more advanced hair-do then don’t hold yourself back.

Half-up Bun, Hun

Let’s put it this way; it’s cute. And hot. If you want to keep things classy yet fun then half-up bun is your go-to hair option. There’s a reason for this: you get the best of both worlds. The long hair on both the sides frame your face nicely to add dimension and the front hair are pulled up to reveal some of the best features of your face. If this isn’t the best bet for a great casual and intimate eve then what else is?

Rosy Nails, Never Fail

With so much attention given to face and wardrobe, nails often get neglected but this isn’t going to happen this time. If you have already scheduled your appointment for the mani, perfect, if not, then don’t panic. This Valentine’s is all about ditching the literal route of getting ready for the day. Most of the ideas popular on the web are featuring lighter shades of pinks and rosy neutrals when it comes to painting the nails to complete the look for Valentine’s (too much pink, said no one ever). Matt or glossy, you can never go wrong with rosy nails.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for your constant support and love. I know I always say this but I will keep stating it because I look forward to it. Let me know how you are planning to channelize your love for LOVE this Valentine’s. Stay at your best and have a great week ahead! Until next time.
Love, Redah.