How to be Happy

Hey guys!
I wish nothing but the best of everything for you this year along with immense joy, health and peace of mind. The start of the year is the time we tend to re-plan our lives – we make New Year’s resolutions, dig ideas for “new year, new me” and start afresh to put together things that are falling apart. As time passes, we get so consumed with the routines, the daily chores and other struggles of life till the point we start becoming depressed, unhappy and bored. We start yearning for an escape. We procrastinate. Monotony takes its toll on us and we get stuck in a vicious circle. In the midst of all this, we lose the very essence of living; the most essential fuel that keeps us going – the happiness.

Of course, everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to have a carefree life, full of adventures and pleasant experiences with little traces of worries and tension. But life has its own ways of reminding us that nothing is perfect. There’s no ‘happily ever after”. But you CAN choose to be happy despite all the reality checks you get over time. Happiness can be cultivated and there are different ways to go about it. Since it’s the start of a new year, let’s start new beginnings. The results might vary but if you follow some of the following things this year, I am pretty sure that your quest for happiness will be rewarding. Here’s what you gotta do to be happier.

Focus on the ‘Smalls’

I know we have bigger dreams, aspirations and tougher pursuits to focus on but you shouldn’t ignore small things on the way. We get caught up with things that are a big deal for us – it may be your dream job, a new car, a bigger house, a better career or what not but you should also enjoy little things that matter. That bring you joy. It could be ANYTHING that takes you away from the craziness and makes you happy. Hunt those things down and make sure you take them along with your bigger struggles.

Be Proactive

I read the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey and one of the underlining habits was to be proactive. Generally, we often react to a situation or our relationships but the key to be happy is to be proactive rather than being reactive. Don’t wait for things to happen for you or people who matter to you approach you first – work it out for yourself. It will boost your self-confidence and you’ll be surrounded by the people you care for and want to keep in your life. If that goes, happiness will surely follow.
Invest in Experiences
The conventional setup of society expects you to behave in a certain way. Materialization has been the measure of one’s caliber and social standing. This rat race keeps us on our toes and we are constantly investing in commodities that denote status, stature and esteem. This needs to stop if you want to be happier. A portion of all the money that goes down in buying THINGS should be invested in experiences. Plan a trip with your friends, go for some thrilling sport, travel if you can and gather all those wonderful experiences that will turn into priceless memories. In the years, you’ll look back and those experiences will continue to bring joy while other ‘things’ perish.

Take Care of Yourself

I read somewhere that “You cannot pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first” and I couldn’t agree more. I mean how you can expect to emote, give good vibes and be compassionate when you’re not replenished from within. You gotta put yourself together before you fix things for those whom you care for. So whatever fixes your mood or inspires you or makes you a better person, do that often. When you settle with yourself, you’ll be happier which means you have enough on your giving end for those who matter to you. They’ll be happy to get some care and affection from you and it will bring you joy and peace of mind in return.

Live it Up

I know sometimes the circumstances around us are not so promising and life takes its toll on us which pins us down but don’t stop your pursuit of happiness. Looking at the bright side amongst the darkness is tough but it can be achieved with some effort and patience. Try changing your perspective towards things for better. Don’t keep grudges and forgive everyone before you hit the sack every night. Try to list three good things that cheered you up every day. Sometimes you’ll need to fake the happiness but it will lighten up your mood. For instance, if you’re feeling low, try cheering yourself up till it overpowers your current state. It might be difficult to do but it will work eventually. You doubt? Try it yourself and you’d find it uncannily effective.

This concludes the list. I hope that you have an amazing year filled with love, joy and peace of mind. Keep me posted with your feedback. Happy new year once again! Until next time.
Love, Redah.