Top 10 Jams for December 2016

Rise and shine beauties!

How’s your day going? There’s something about December that has always enchanted me. It’s my favorite month of the year and I find myself in a different time zone during this magical time. You know you’re having a good day when you’re driving back home after work, listening to your favorite track or you’re soaking up the sun on a relaxing weekend while your jam is on repeat. The feeling is priceless, right? Well if you love December as much as I do then I have just the right tracks that will add to the invincible vibe that this month has. Enjoy!

The Greatest – Sia

Who doesn’t love Sia? The uncanny vocals mixed with the infectious musical arrangements are surely a treat for the ears. Although I am still not over with “Cheap Thrills”, The Greatest has got me going. The raspy voice of the crooner coupled up with powerful lyrics make the song a complete package. I fell in love with the video of the song too which is equally engaging. After slaying the Billboard Hot 100, The Greatest is the song you wouldn’t mind listening to time and again.

Starboy – The Weekend

Though The Weekend has rolled out a number of hits before but this one is special. Partly because of Daft Punk’s signature feel and rest because of the vocalist’s unique talent. Starboy marks a shift in The Weekend’s style (as aptly shown in the video) and the beat is an instant hook. You can’t resist but sing along to it whenever it plays. One of the hottest tracks on radio, Starboy is a constant on my playlist.

Pour Down – Natasha Kmeto

If you’re up for a house party in your car then Natasha Kmeto knows how to get you in the mood. Electronic producer seamlessly mixes laid-back vocals with heavy beats and cool rhythms in her single Pour Down. Kmeto is already a SoundCloud sensation and surely know how to make some dope music.

Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

The Chainsmokers have been a rage with their songs that are infused with popular themes and slang that youth of this era can easily relate to. The song mixes a catchy beat with sing-along chorus which is not easy to get over. After getting million of online impressions, the song is still at number 2 at the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Love Me Now – John Legend

John Legend has touched thousand of hearts with his ballad “All of Me” and the song also earned him critical acclaim. This time, he is back with his latest single, Love Me Now which he has written as a love letter for his beloved wife (cute, isn’t?). His newest album “Darkness and Light” will soon be hitting the shelves but right now this song has given me another reason to love December. Do give it a listen, I am sure, you’ll love it too.

Redbone – Donald Glover

To be honest, I recently came across this song and instantly fell in love with it. I dug more about the song and found out that it is from the album “Childish Gambino” released by this amazing musician, Donald Glover. This funk-tinged single reminds you of the iconic melodies of Prince which is just amazing. Soulful harmonies and brilliant falsetto set the pace of the song and the result is nothing but perfection.

Fifteen – Snow Angel

You might have listened to a number of psychedelic rock bands but this group gives you amazing psychedelic pop. The girl ensemble features a number of badass babes who surely know how to combine funky beats with some upright electronic music. With their song Fifteen, the band reminds you of popular twee pop groups of the ‘90s such as The Softies and The Pastels. More to girl-power, the song is too cute to miss.

Gypsy – Wyndham Garnett

One can easily get carried away listening to Wyndham. The band, fronted by Wyndham Garnett, leaves you in awe with soothing music and quality vocals. Brilliantly arranged music and effortlessly sung poetry are the hallmarks of the band’s new single, Gypsy. The country-like vibe of the song reminds you of sunshine even on a dull chilly day which makes it an absolute mood-lifter.

Freak – Lana Del Rey

My love for Lana is eternal. No matter I am out on the roads or chilling in my PJs, I can go on and on listening to this lady. A voice that is hard to ignore infused with deep lyrics pointing out to strong thematic references from the crooner’s life is what makes Lana special. Although I LOVE all of her songs from the album “Honeymoon”, Freak is one of those songs which take you to another world. Mellow and relaxing, you could listen to this song all day long.

When We Dance – The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini

I came across this Icelandic-Italian singer, Emiliana a while ago but let me tell you, she is a magician. Crisp vocals and eccentric approach of laying up different instruments makes her a virtuoso of her kind. Just to let you know, she has amazed with her work on The Lord of the Rings’ soundtrack. This time, she pairs up with the talented ensemble The Colorist for her song, When We Dance and the result is pure magic. You listen to the song and can’t stop hitting repeat time and again.

If you like exploring different music then I am pretty sure that you’ll like the list! Do check them out and let me know which ones you found the best. It’s always a pleasure reading your comments and views. Have a great December! Until next time.

Love, Redah.