Health & Skincare Tips for Protection against Smog

Hey guys!
Hope you’re enjoying the best of your health. After the chai wala, the phenomenon that took us by storm lately is the smoggy Lahore. Most of us (including me) confused smog with fog and got excited for the arrival of winter. Little did we know that this was one of the worst forms of air pollution that is capable of causing serious health hazards. Now before we get down to discussing anything else, let’s discover what smog really is. Smog is the blend of various emissions including open burning, incinerators, vehicles and industrial pollutants that contaminate the air and make it harmful to breathe.

Smog is nothing new to the world but unlike Lahore, the smoggy situation usually occurs in summers where temperature is normally high as compared to other seasons. There are multiple ways to keep the threats and dangerous aftermaths of smog at bay but the following are some hands-on tips to protect your health and skin form any damage the ugly smog may cause.

Stay Indoors
One stitch in time saves nine! The easiest way to escape smog is to go out as less as possible. We usually are aware of our routines so plan your day accordingly. Avoid going out during the peak hours of smog that are after early morning and before evening. Those of you, who still haven’t switched off the ACs, don’t set the temperature less than 24. Staying indoors minimizes the contact with air pollution which eventually reduces the risk of any health or skin damage.

Avoid Damp Clothes
Wear super dry and preferably loose clothes so that the pores of your body can absorb more oxygen.

Stay Hydrated
A healthy hydration is the key to keep lungs and kidneys at their top-notch state. Avoid drinking cold beverages and carbonated drinks. Rely on fresh seasonal juices like pomegranate, grape fruit and apple to boost your immunity.
Smoke Less
I know it’s hard to quit smoking altogether at once but make a conscious effort to limit smoking during the smoggy days. If you can quit it, bingo! The proportion of pollutants in the air is already way too much in smog and smoking is only going to add to the pollution. The lesser you smoke, the more your lungs thank you.

Wear a Gauze Mask
The smoggy air can worsen the asthmatic symptoms and can lead to breathing problems. Wearing a gauze mask every time you hit the outdoors is recommended so that the air we breathe in can be filtered to an extent. Fall and winter are not very promising seasons for people who have asthma or sinuses so it’s best to be cautious about the air they breathe.

Cover Your Sensitive Areas
If you’re going outdoors during the day time during the smoggy conditions then don’t forget to put your shades on. Eyes are extremely sensitive and the smog can cause eye infections and allergies so limit the contact of pollutant air with your precious peekers. Wash your eyes thoroughly multiple times during the day so that if there are any remnants of the pollution, they get rinsed out. Fresh rose water is the best home remedy to keep your eyes clean and fresh. Rinse with rose water twice for best results.

Keep an Eye on the AQI
Plan your day and activities by keeping a check on the weather forecasts and Air Quality Index (AQI). Avoid going to areas that are at the radar of the red zone. Orange, Red and Purple levels of AQI show the sensitivity level of the air pollution in particular areas so you should plan your day accordingly.

Go Easy
Those of you, who have a rigorous exercise routine, it’s wise to opt for an optimal workout during the smoggy days. Our body needs more oxygen to compensate for the heavy workout and if the air we are breathing is already not so clean then optimizing our exercise is the best thing to do. I understand that outdoor physical activities are the best but smog can cause serious health concerns if you’re running, jogging or playing sports outdoors.
Keep Skin Moisture Intact
As per the season (and your skin) demands, don’t forget to dab some moisturizer on your areas that are exposed to the environment. This includes your face, hands, neck, arms and anything that might come in contact with the open air. Keep wet wipes handy or wash those areas at least thrice a day.

Be a Cleanliness Freak
Be extra meticulous with house and workplace cleanliness during the smoggy days. Keep the windows tightly shut. Mop the floors with wet clothes infused with surface cleaners and air-dry the floors immediately.

Concluding my post with a hope that you’ll take good care of yourself! Be smog-wise and keep these tips in mind. May we continue to enjoy the best of our health and beauty! Stay safe guys and don’t forget to hit me up with your feedback. Until next time.

Love, Redah.