Men’s Fall/Winter Fashion 2016

Hey dudes!
Yes, it’s been a while I addressed boys in my post but better late than never, right? We might be sweating right now but the chilly days of Fall will soon hit you before you know it and you know what that means. The fashion houses presented their winter collections on the ramps way earlier this year but it’s gonna take some time till you actually get your hands on your favorite cuts, prints and styles in stores. In case you have no clue what this Fall is gonna be like, here’s a heads up. Following are some of the fashion trends that boys are expected to rock this season. Ready guys? Here you go.

Check, Mates

Some things never go out of style. Like the classiness of checks. We have seen checkered shirts in summer but this fall and winter will have plenty of this beauty. From pants to long coats to sweat shirts, check will be THE thing this fall. The range of cuts and variety of colors in check print is wider than your imagination which means that you can pick whatever fits your style well!

Bomb the Mob

Bomber jackets have been popular in girls and boys alike but this sexy style is a must-have wardrobe essential this season. From earthy brown shades to hues of black and everything in between, bomber jackets will make an impactful entry this season. This particular article will also serve the taste of those who like to push the boundaries of style a little more. Those of you who like to experiment with the conventional cuts and prints, bomber jackets will give you the liberty to do so. Get ready to take your looks up a notch and bomb the mob with your killer style.

Artsy Rainbow

Who says colors are just for spring? Nothing better to add a dash of color and vibrancy during a foggy day than a bright jacket paired up with plain pants. The intricate color patterns and peculiar prints aptly define what a winter-spring is like. Those of you who like a little color amidst the classic wave of black and brown, these jackets and sweaters will catch your eye while you pass by the aisle at your favorite store. Excited much? Well, me too.

Crazy for Copper

Where most of us like to invest in conventional winter hues like navies, blues, greys, blacks and greens; copper is the color you should be spending some real bucks on this season. The festive, orange-like color is full of potential and sexiness and is sure to break through the clutter of common trends this fall and winter. Need a head-start? Consider shopping for a duffle coat or semi formal shirt that you can easily pair up with all-time classics such as brown and black.


I am sure all of us already have their wardrobes full of mufflers and neck scarves but this fall is the season to hog something that has been rocking international runways in Milan, US and Paris alike. Yes, I am talking about neckerchiefs. These pieces are expected to not only keep your neck warm but also give you something that you can easily pull off keeping your trendsetting sense of style intact. You can wrap it around your neck or simply tie a note and let its tails hang loose over your jacket. This boy-like trend is youthful yet sophisticated and I am sure you don’t wanna miss this!

Funnel Necks

While the high-neck trend is unknown to none, the cut is making a comeback this season. The rollneck revival is called funnel necks which is slightly close to rollnecks without the rolls, of course. The options in colors and cuts are wide so you can easily experiment with this look. Pair it up with your jeans and slide it under your slouchy coat to maximize the effect. Bonus? You can also put it on with your harem pants for a laidback street-style look.

Puff it Up

Remember those puffy jackets we commonly see in kinds clothing? Well, they are making quite the rage this fall. The catch? They will also be seen in long cuts along with the traditional short body style. Majority might not see this trend very promising but it surely is catchy and WARM!

Back to the Track

Warm track suits have been THE go-to winter attire for athletes and sportsmen but the trend is not very different from athleisure that most of the sports brand like Adidas and Nike offer. Surprisingly, a lot of fashion houses experimented with the style and gave it their own signature twist. Cool for sure, tracksuits are going to redefine how you’re going to chill with your homies during a relaxed Friday night!

That’s all for today, dudes. I am not being gender biased here but I have always loved how guys have responded to my posts that were directed to them and I’ll surely try to do that more often (no hard feelings, girls!). Keep sharing your views and feedback. I always look forward to hear from you guys! Until next time.

Love, Redah.