5 Makeup Looks for Fall 2016

Howdy chicas!
(Almost) gone are the hot days of scorching summer and winds of autumn have already made the nights cooler. September 22nd officially marked the end of summer and fall is about to take over. The transition changes a lot of things; our food choices, cloth preferences and what not. I can’t wait to dig my boudoir, seriously. Recent international runways and indigenous fashion weeks have inspired us to go all experimental with our fall looks but the problem is one is never sure about makeup trends that change every season.
Let’s face it, makeup palettes are like those tempting chocolate boxes that are filled with yummy and addictive flavors and having just one box is never enough! If you’re already looking forward to try some of the beauty looks then here are some of the makeup looks that might come handy while putting your best foot (and face) forward this fall. Excited? Let’s roll.

Thick, greasy eyelids and sinfully dark edges – fall couldn’t get bolder. Pro tip: Keep the lips as flat as possible when you’re pushing the boundaries with the eyeliner. There’s no set pattern but the least you wanna do is look boring when you have the chance to make a statement with your eyes. Wing it, smudge it, mix it – there’s plenty to do with your eyes this fall so don’t limit yourself. Black it out and let your eyes do the talking!

Shine On
Can’t really do much with your face due to that early morning office routine? Too lazy to put up with your busy schedule? Shake it off. The best part of fall is you can do so much with so little as the weather outside is not very harsh. Forget Kim Kardashian’s contouring 101 and give yourself the perfect look for the day within a few minutes. Liven up your eyes with mascara, give your cheeks a hue of peach or pink and moisten your lip with some tinted balm and you’re set for the day! Nothing less, nothing more; just the right amount of makeup to get you going throughout the day!

Pretty Peach
Most of us associate peach with spring, so much so that we hardly think about its wonders in fall. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the color was the signature hue for most of the looks fashion sensations like Balmain presented. From eyes to cheeks to lips, peach is the color that can give you a little extra this season. Don’t limit yourself from going outrageous with different shades of peach this season. Coupled with nudes to mattes in clothes, this color is sure to rock this fall!

Goth Goddess
Nothing new if you’re opting for darker shades of lipstick for the chilly weather but if it’s something so red that it’s almost black on the color spectrum – you’re up to something! Ox blood or poison red aptly define bold lips and this look is the highlight of fall this year. Almost-nothing on face and some highlighter on eyes can take your whole look up a notch. Try this trend with monotone clothes and neck chokers and slay effortlessly!

Copper Craze
Remember how cobalt blue became the color of spring and summer for eyes? We have rather a chic entry this fall which is just gorgeous. Yes, copper eyes are redefining festive looks this season. Who wants to be conventional with the traditional smoky eye when you can make a statement with a touch of shimmery copper in the middle of your peekers. Blend it with some complementing shade of brown and voila, you’re ready to make some heads turn during that Halloween night. Girls with brown eyes, nothing else would make those champagne-colored eyeballs more prominent than this one so get it on!

And, that’s about it, ladies! Update me with your feedback and suggestions. Keep me posted on Facebook with the latest happenings and stay tuned to my blog for more! Love yourself and others around you and yes, happy fall! Until next time.
Love, Redah.