Best Bad Hair Day Ideas to Get Through the Day

Rise and shine beauties!
Weather forecasts tell that the coming days aren’t going to be much promising and well know what that means. Any day, while we are experiencing the bliss of air conditioned indoors and harshness of sunny outdoors, our hair experience more than that. Needless to say, we all endure those days when our hair won’t do what they are supposed to do. They just won’t.

Now, besides the tripping weather, there are other reasons for bad hair days; saying up late on Sunday and waking up just in time for work, too busy meeting those vicious deadlines, running errands and what not. Regardless of all the reasons, sometimes you just know that spending an hour shampooing/conditioning and blow-drying your strands in the morning is not going to happen. Result: Genesis of first world problems like fretting over bad hair day all day. Solution: Hi!

Truth is, we could all use some tips on how to deal with a bad hair day and that surely doesn’t involve hiding out in a cubicle. As soon as I realized that, I dug my hands in the puddle of web and found out some of the most authentic hacks and styles that can get you through the bad hair day with a breeze. No more wait, let’s roll.

Teased Bun

Teased buns work wonders on any bad hair day and if your hair are already a frizzy mess, bingo! In that case, tease your mane out a bit more and swirl it around. There, you’ve got a messy chignon that will go perfect with any summer OOTD.

Beach Braids

Perfect for oily or messy hair, beach braids are best to embrace the bad hair day with a little panache. Transform your strands into fine and medium braids with center partition at the front and swirl them around your head nestling the remaining hair with those braids. Voila, you are a Bohemian!
False Volume
Don’t we all hate those days when our natural flow of hair would disappear and that cool part of yours looks like an oily, dead mess? Yeah, I know how that feels. Maneuver your bad hair day by simply changing your hair partition. If you usually go with a side part then change it around and pump it up a bit with the tail comb. You’ll be surprised with the results, trust me.

Bandana Turban

Can’t just go out with that oily scalp and hay-wired hair? It’s okay, you have a solution. Get your hands on a funky bandana or small scarf and wrap it around your head like a stylized turban. Leave the strands open and put on those big shades and loops. Hippy for the win!

Criss-Cross Braid

Perfect for those lazy days in the bedroom or that night out in the town, criss-cross braid is the ultimate way to channel your inner Katniss. This simple twist to the classic braid works wonders and gives you the confidence to embrace the bad hair day with style. To own it, part your hair in three portions, leaving more hair in the center and lesser on the sides; now wrap the sides in a criss-cross pattern around the hair in the center and continue till the end. If you are feeling fancy, accessorize it with ribbons and walk bold!

The Classics

In desperate times when you can’t seem to spare more than a few minutes, go with the classics like slicked back ponytail or a high messy bun. Like a really messy bun. Fun fact: I can trust these two with my eyes closed to endure a bad hair day. If you got an extra minute, leave some hair on the sides and smooth them down with a soft toothbrush (yup, you heard that). Off you go like Gigi and slay!
That all for now, babes! Your turn! Let me know which hacks and styles work for you on a bad hair day. Hit me up on my Facebook page and share away. Ima gonna catch up with you guys soon! Until next time.
Love, Redah.