New Year Resolutions We All Should Make

Hola ladies! Hope you are keeping your Monday blues at bay by focusing on positive things. Getting back to your routine after the weekend can be dreadful but if you are surrounded by people with good vibes, getting through the day becomes a lot easier. Anyhow, 2016 has taken its pace and it’s no surprise that the time is flying like anything.
Before even the new year kicks off, I see people talking about new year resolutions. We see memes on the internet, our friends are re-planning their plans to go on a diet, “new year, new me” theories and what not. One might not be able to stick to their new year’s resolution for long but in my opinion it’s absolutely important to have a new year’s resolution for two major reasons. One, it helps you focus better as it becomes part of your subconscious and whenever you are about to do something that defies your resolution, your mind rings an alarm and you tend to refrain yourself from doing it. Second, it works as a personal reward system; you resolve, you do it, it adds on to your self esteem and you end up feeling good about yourself. The more you work towards achieving it, the better you feel. I am not saying that all of our resolutions prove to be fruitful but if you are determined enough, you’ll find a way to stick to it. In my opinion, it’s not important that you have to resolve for something big, you can start from small and work your way up to bigger goals. So while we are at it, I’d like to introduce you to some new year’s resolutions that everyone should try. They are super simple to follow but their effects on your life are miraculous.

Treat yourself well

When I talk about the self, I mean two things; your body and your mind. Just like healthy food is necessary to nourish our body, similarly healthy thoughts and attitude are imperative for our mental growth. If you tend to fill up your mind with positivity, believe me you’ll see a shift in your perspective, for better obviously. Sometimes the negativity around you makes it difficult to focus on the positive aspects of a situation, but if you try to train your mind, you’ll see it coming through.
The other part of your self is your body. You should love it and do everything that helps in making it better. Eat healthy, detox, exercise, drink more water, worry less and you’ll be impressed to see the results.

Grow a plant

Like the hobbits were obsessed with everything that grew, I find it very fascinating watching a little twig grow into a tree. This year, try making a conscious effort to grow a plant. Treat it like one of your pets. Nurture it with love and you’ll see the healing effects on your soul. Start with your favorite flower, fruit or vegetable for that matter and if you are feeling ambitious grow multiple plants in your backyard. Here’s to a greener home!

Don’t text & drive

I mean this is given. I know we get a lot of important texts that need our immediate attention but they can wait. Trust me, they can. Nothing is more important than your life and safety so don’t give up on it that easily. If something is “really” urgent, park your car on a safe spot, make the call, sort it out and get on your route. You might be one hell of a multi-tasker but putting your skills to test by doing this is NOT a good idea. So, be a good sport and support this one.

Try something new

I am the sort of person who is always ready for new experiences, good or bad. Training your mind to experience things as they come by can make things really simple. This time around, do something that you have been planning to do for long. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages, get a new hair color, take a break from work and go for a road trip; do whatever that you think will be a new experience for you. It might not be easy but if you go for it, you’ll have memories that would last a lifetime!

Cook for yourself (& your friends)

Ready for some kitchen havoc, hell yeah! Once in a while, say no to dining-out and put on the chef hat. Cook a nice meal for yourself, sit back and savor it. This feeling, if you ask me, is priceless. If you feel generous, you can cook for your family and friends, invite them for an intimate get-together and be prepared to hear “omnomnoms” and “Mmm, yummy!’.

Manage some “Me Time”

I know we all have super busy schedules. We have to study, work, hangout, meet relatives, do chores and whatever this cruel world demands from us. Put that aside for a while and keep a log of time that you religiously give to yourself. Pick anything that you like the most and do that in your Me time. Trust me, this works like a potion and rejuvenates your soul. It revitalizes you from within and you get back to your routine feeling content. Out of all that I’ve stated so far, this one is a must, ladies!


Listen, and not hear, to people; to surroundings; to things. I am not gonna go in detail of this one as books have been written on the importance of listening and scholars have preached a thousand times about how listening can make you a better speaker, or a better person for that matter. So try and dedicate some part of the day where you sit quite and listen to your surroundings. It will not only help you sharpen your hearing but will also help you become more observant.

Be more tolerant

We live in a world where gay marriage and marijuana is being legalized. Whether you like it or not, it’s a reality. There are a plenty of things in the world that might not fit your notions of normality but they happen. Having an opinion about a subject or topic is good, but be open to others’ opinions and ideas as well. Don’t get in the way of someone else’s choices or lifestyle. Tolerance and acceptance is all we need to make this world a better place, so, peace out!

More humane, you human

This one is really simple! Be empathetic. Treat your neighbor nicely. Be kind to animals. Don’t let the hate flourish in your heart. In short, do everything that can help you be a better person. By the end of the day we all are flesh and bones. Preach humanity!

Be happy

This one needs no explanation. Focus on the goods, neglect the bads and be happy!

Hope you like today’s piece. Let me know if you have resolved for anything special for 2016, you know where to hit me up, right? Message me on my Facebook page and share your feedback. Let this year be full of light, love and peace!

Love, Redah.