Mommy Corner: How to Pamper Yourself in Ten Minutes


Dear Mommies,

          How much have you neglected yourself ever since you had your little one? There’s really nothing wrong with that, I know you do it all. You take care of the house, you kiss scraped knees, you feed the little ones (and some big ones), you cuddle away nightmares and you still manage to keep it together at the end of the day! How do you do it, people ask and you reply, “That’s what mothers do”! And yes you’re right, that’s exactly what we do. Nonetheless doing so much doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go and just let yourself be. No matter how you find time, it is essential that you take some out for your own self. If you want to be Super mom, you have to make sure you stay fresh and rejuvenated.  


According to Psychotherapist’s it is highly important for every mom to take our atleast 10-20 minutes a day for some “me” time, what happens if you don’t? Well you burn out, any body who works too hard and doesn’t take out some “down” time ends up either geting exhausted beyond belief or suffer from mood swings, lack of energy and stress because of their hectic schedules. So aside from discussing how you can pamper yourself, this blog will also give you tips on how to just kick back and use your “me” time to really unwind and relax.


Here’s one that will surprise all of you, it would surprise any mother because ideally mommy’s don’t HAVE time to waste especially, but the longer you’ve worked and had a baby the more you realize how important just simply wasting time could be for you. Now I use the term “wasting time” loosely because you aren’t technically wasting time but this is the time you take to do something for yourself. Do you like reading? Watching TV? or simply listening to music? Whatever it is you like doing, take 10 minutes a day to really do it. Read a few pages of that book you’ve been wanting to read or paint if that’s what you like. Just do something that YOU like and want to do!


 Another way you can make your 10-20 minutes useful in a way to also pamper yourself is to run to your favorite salon and either get yourself a relaxing manicure or pedicure or simply go in for a head and shoulder massage, something that literally won’t take you longer than 30 minutes getting in and then getting out. You would be amazed at how far a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage will help get you through a hectic week. If you don’t have time or the resources to step out of the house, run yourself a bath or a warm shower. If you can run a bath, light some candles, add some lavender bath salts, put on some relaxing music and just get in to your tub, close your eyes and RELAX.


 Have some chocolate or a cupcake! I know, I know, you want to watch your diet and you try to eat healthy (or I hope you do) but just one day during the week don’t have yourself a cheat day but really truly indulge in comfort food that you enjoy. It could be a bar of chocolate, a slice of cake, a cupcake or simply a bowl of ice cream. Eat healthy but don’t deny yourself something you really enjoy and ENJOY it, without guilt or hesitation.

 Oh the next one I’m sure a ton of you are totally going to love. Make yourself a decadent, good, hot cup of tea! Tea is a known stress reliever and well there’s that added advantage of caffeine. Make sure when you do this, you use your favorite mug or a nice piece of China that you have been saving for some special occasion (which reminds me, stop “saving” things for later). Just the act of sitting on a comfy sofa, with your hands around a warm cup will give you a cozy, happy feeling. Last but not least, READ your favorite blog, I know you’re thinking me saying this is such a cliche but I mean it. Try and read someone you can relate to, someone who speaks to you and reminds you of things that make you happy.


 At the end of the day, you have to realize that a whole household along with some beautiful little children depend on you. This whole setup depends on how you feel and how in turn you “make” everything around you feel. Never forget that the little one you’re raising will ultimately become you, your voice becomes the voice they hear inside their head. Therefore I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to take care of YOU. Take my advice and take out 10-20 minutes daily for you, paint your nails, watch your favorite show or pick any of the things I suggested above, I guarantee you in no time you will see a positive change in your normally dull and monotonous routine. That’s all for today, until next Monday, happy pampering!