Every time a new beauty product comes out, it is advertised to no end and in SO much fashion it is usually really hard to resist the “new” trend out in the market. Nonetheless, after many such “hits & misses” you come to a point where you realise not every makeup/beauty product that is advertised in a way to attract millions of buyers is necessarily worth every penny. Usually, makeup products that will give you your money’s worth are hard to come by, unless you’re buying MAC, NARS or Laura Mercier, yet even in those cases something that works for me, might not work for you. So today, I thought why not focus on some Drugstore products that in my opinion just aren’t worth the dough!

1. CoverGirl TruBlend Microminerals Foundation

So this one comes as no surprise to me, I’ve tried CoverGirl a lot, I’ve even tried really warming up to their products but nfortunately they just don’t cut it for me. Save maybe a few lipsticks, lip balms and maybe an occasional Eye pencil or mascara but for me CoverGirl is generally a big NO! The CoverGirls trublend microminerals foundation for one is a powder foundation; therefore it can never give you the coverage of a liquid foundation, which is what it promises to do. While some people might enjoy the glittery sheen that this product leaves after application, I’m not a big fan. If I wanted to sparkle like the vampires from the Twilight series, I would apply a lot of glitter to my face all on its own. This is one you don’t want to spend money on, especially if you have oily skin!

2. Rimmel London Recover Concealer

Now here’s what’s funny, I like Rimmel they are quite a reliable drugstore brand. They do amazing face powders, matte foundation, lip gloss and amazing nail colours BUT they miserably fail when it comes to concealers. Not just Rimmel London recover concealer but their concealers in general wear off real fast (most of them, only a few fit the good bill). Especially if you have an oily or combination skin type, you don’t want to give their concealers a go. As you apply them it feels like it’s giving you great cover and it might take care of all the blemishes and acne scars but all it will do is completely neutralize your look by the end of your day/night. Somehow it doesn’t blend in well either with the skins natural oils or other makeup but this one is definitely a miss.

3. Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Stain

I have to say i am a huge Revlon fan but this is something I might have a general bias about but SOME lip stains I like- this one not so much. They have some beautiful colours in this product so I decided to pick up a few of them but was seriously disappointed after the first few uses. For one, it’s shaped like a pen which is a bit awkward when applied to the top lip; two, the pen itself dries up really quickly if you don’t take good care of it. I understand lip stains are supposed to go on and turn matte, this one just generally dries up your lips so even if your lips aren’t chapped about 2 hours into using this, they will be.

4. NYX Jumbo Eyeliner

Pick these in any colour, they are a major fail. They are real nice, the colours are exuberantly gorgeous but they don’t last you 30 minutes even. The only colour that is worth using is their Jumpy eyeliner pencil in WHITE, this one works as a great primer/base for your eye shadow since it really helps colour POP, but if you want to use this generally. Don’t.

5. Benefit Lip Plump

I’m a huge fan of lip plumpers, they are awesome! What more do you need than botox when you really don’t have botox? This one was a major disappointment though; it acts more as a lip primer than a plumper. While applying it goes on very dry and does close to no plumping at all (I’m being generous). You also have to remember that most plumping lip glosses leave a tingly, minty sensation on your lips when first applied which evens out eventually, well this one doesn’t. My lips felt like they were on fire!

It’s a big bummer when you spend money on makeup products that end up being useless, I don’t know about you people but I get pretty frustrated coming home to something not worth my money therefore, I thought I’d give you people a heads-up on some products that just didn’t do it for me.

March is just around the corner and we have some very exciting blogs coming up next month so stay tuned and have a wonderful week!