How To Winter Proof Your Make Up

Happy Mid December lovelies!
It is officially cold & I for one am super excited because as I have mentioned before, I love the winter! For one because well we all know how cruel the Lahore summer can get and two because I love the warmth that is necessary for winters no matter what it is you are doing. I love being able to have a hot cup of coffee every morning without worrying how hot I will feel afterwards, I love being able to choose a hearty soup for lunch, I love Jackets/Capes?Shawls, I love boots & I love all the amazing winter hues of make up, nail colour, hair colour – oh well I think you all get the idea! But while all of those aforementioned things are a ton of fun, there is one thing winter brings that bums all of us out, skin trouble, actually I guess skin trouble doesn’t depend on weather us poor gals gotta deal with it all the time. So here’s what todays blog is all about: Winter proofing your make up!

I am sure you are all wondering what I mean when I say “winter proof”, well its really simple. I get a lot of queries during the winter about dry and flaky skin, redness due to cold weather, even the combination of the sun and cold is bad for your skin so here are some sure shot ways to winter make up that lasts!

1. Cleanse Carefully

Winter can cause your skin to become really taut and dry. So where you might have been using an oil-free, gel based or foaming cleanser during the summer, switch your cleansing routine around. Use a cream based face wash instead, it helps lock in a little moisture which you need for winters. Even if you have oily skin, sometimes an oil based moisturises will work wonders for your winter skin.

2. Dull Dehydrated Skin

As I mentioned before, we all battle dry skin during the winter, or at least dry patches. Dry patches can look terrible under your foundation, they eventually your foundation to flakes which can look terrible. To start with, don’t forget to get your daily supply of water, I know we sometimes skimp out during the winter since we don’t feel as thirsty as in the summer. Another thing that works is to have 1 day or 2 set during the week where you exfoliate well & immediately moisturise damp skin. This helps lock in hydration!

3. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

Simply putting it, add half part lotion to your foundation or instead go for a tinted moisturiser! This way flaky, is no more flaky!

4. Set it and Forget it

Always finish off any look with translucent pressed powder. This way it won’t rub off on your coat, shawl, or hat whichever fashion statement you fancy. Loose powder doesn’t work as well as pressed powder during the winter!

5. Hydrate Your Pout

If you have problems with dry, chapped lips during the winter, please make lip balm your best friend. Carry it everywhere you go & especially remember to lather on some vaseline/lip balm while you sleep to avoid cracked lips. Another thing to remember is to maybe look for lip balms with an olive oil base, those are best for cracked lips (you could even add a drop of olive oil to your favourite lip balm). Avoid using long wearing/matte lipsticks or lip taints, those cause dryness as well. Or you can always apply a layer of balm before your favourite lip colour, even if its matte.

6. Make Blush Your Best Friend

Skin can get and look really dry and pale during winter season, so don’t forget your blush! It will help a dull, washed out face look instantly fresh. For people with fairer skin I suggest peach tones during the winter, if you like to sport a tan try something closer to your skin tone, maybe a terra cotta.

Not so much on winter make up, but more on how to make sure your make up lasts you through the winter! I did an earlier blog about some shades that are in this fall/winter but look for more updates on winter fashion later during the month! Remember red lips are all the rave & I am totally loving them – for nails you want to try a cobalt blue or even a nude! I hope you enjoyed todays blog thoroughly & will drop by next week for more! Have a fantastic week ahead.