6 Ways to Look Younger Now

They say you are only as old as you feel, right? Or they say being young, is simply being young at heart. Well, if you’re a woman – you might disagree sometimes, like that time when your smile wrinkles start creeping up under your eyes. Here’s what I tell all the lovely ladies who ask me for advice, for one you definitely are as young/old as you feel and moreoever the younger you start to take care of your skin, the less chances there are of you aging as quick as you might think. So I thought instead of sitting down and giving you guys advice already on how to take care of yourselves during the winter (because its not 100% winter yet), I thought why not do a quick blog telling you 7 ways you can better care for yourself to keep you looking younger!

1. Always look for beauty trends from celebrities your age

Glitter might be Miley Cyrus’s thing right now, but if you’re nearing 30, I don’t think that’s a look you want to sport. Whether you’re a teen, in your twenties or older, always look towards celebrities your age to identify what the current beauty and fashion trends are for your age pool. If you find a celebrity you can relate to on a more personal level, well that’s a win win!

2. Use the proper make up techniques to enhance your beauty

I can never talk enough about highlighting & contouring, they can do wonders for a face full of make up. Contouring on the other hand is the key to highlighting your most prominent & best features. Although even the name sounds super terrifying, now it is fairly simple to find a good tutorial on how to contour. One of the main things to remember is that you can only contour with a cream that is 2 shades darker than your original skin tone/foundation. The best part, it can make your face look slimmer!

3. Facial oils for a youthful glow

Washing your face strips it of all the useful oils that are needed to keep your skin hydrated & supple. Find a facial oil that suits you, unless you have oily skin, in which case – find a great cleanser & moisturiser.

4. Anti Aging Serum be your best friend

Past 25 I recommend everyone uses their choice of a fabulous anti aging serum to help cell renewal. Anything that makes your skin look firmer & visibly rejuvenated. And remember, NEVER go to sleep with your make up on. Ever.

5. Fake a brow lift

Using a highlighter pen under your brow can help your eyes look ‘taught’. Its a simple line in brows arch – that’s all it takes!

6. Lightening your hair colour will instantly give you brighter skin

Lightening your hair colour, or adding soft highlights to dim your hair can add a youthful, lush affect to your skin. Though darker hair colour might give you stronger looking tresses, going a shade lighter will add an instant glow!

Isn’t that great? Some of these are super easy to manage & add to your daily routine. Here are some things that are terrible for your skin: leaving make up on over night, not having a day & night routine, lack of proper water intake, junk food, chocolate, caffeine. Some of these you can get away with once in a while, but the rest can be lethal when it comes to damaging your skin. So don’t only look for ways to fix your skin, fix your body too, remember the healthier your body, the healthier your skin. Until next time, have a fabulous one.