Emmys Finest Hour – The Red Carpet

Every year the whole world waits as the whose who of Hollywood don their designed apparel and head over to their much abated award ceremonies to walk the infamous Red Carpet and land on either the best-dressed or the worst-dressed list for the night. With people like Joan Rivers and Entertainment Tonight just waiting to hop on the band wagon and put celebrities down for a fashion faux pas, there are times no matter what you do, you just cannot get it right. So like all the other red carpets that I have reviewed this year, I thought it would be unfair if I left TV’s whose who completely out of the picture.

The Emmy Awards went on air last week and if you follow my Facebook page you got a glimpse of some of the looks that I thought were the best on the red carpet. Today I will do a more up close review of some of these looks and talk about other’s who might not have cut it close to the top of the list, but were definitely dressed to impress. Turned out that this years favourite colour for the red carpet was none other than Red/Coral, with a ton of tinsel town ladies in some great Coral/Red gowns it was hard to pick one out of so many. Other colors that dominated this years red carpet were Midnight blue, White, and Lena Dunham’s as usual awkward pink/white pastry gown with her awkward impression and make up to go with! Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite looks from the night:


1. Robin Wright

This fierce House of Cards Diva definitely takes first place rightfully in many of Hollywood’s biggest critics lists and also in mine. If you are a House of Cards fan, you are well aware of the amazingly independent and strong willed woman Robin Wright plays as Mrs. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). Although some might argue that her look wasn’t worth the Red Carpet at all, I beg to differ. Her stylists got everything just right. With a wonderfully fitted Ralph Lauren’s custom cream Tuxedo Jumpsuit. While everyone wore their gowns and flitted down the red carpet, Robin thought, Hey’ lets make the look of the year work for our favor and so it did. Paired with a sleek, pulled back coiff and a clean nude look with nude lips and big lashes – she looked like a million bucks in literally what must’ve taken half an hour to put together. Pair that with some fiery red nails and the right attitude and we have on the top of my list Robin Wright!

Lesson: Do it quick, as long as you do it right!


2. January Jones

Here’s my top favorite gown look for the night, worn by none other than “Mad Men” starlet January Jones. Though among many other Hollywood starlets she decided to go with a Red/Coral gown for the night, her’s was one that definitely stood out. In a Prabal Gurung self print structured gown, January Jones was another sight for sore eyes on the red carpet. If you can’t tell yet, look closely and you will see how she’s actually a really simple face, yet such stunning looks when put together nicely. She looks both edgy and glamorous pairing her gown with some statement earrings, red lips, a soft eye and pulled back up do with a fierce fringe. She’s definitely channeling the 21st century Hollywood diva in this look!

Lesson: You can be daring and sophisticated, all at the same time.


3. Julia Roberts

Not my favourite all the time, but I have to give it to her that she took the limelight from a few other diva’s this Emmy season. When debating Julia Roberts style/looks you get two opinions there are people who think she is absolutely stunning and then people who think she’s a plain Jane with nothing to her. But as a Make Up artist I have to say, despite really being a plain Jane from the South she has transformed herself to be the award winning star that she actually is. With one of my favorite looks (and outfits) from this years Emmys she shone in her Ellie Saab mini with pearls, stones and Swarovski crystals giving her mini gown a real “dazzle”. Where most people will go for tailed gowns, Roberts went with a mini to let her amazing long legs steal the show. With simple black heels, statement dangligh earrings and her blonde hair down – she is definitely one other stars looked at and thought, “Darn, why didn’t I think of that!”

Lesson: Dare to be different!

So, I thougth while I gave you my top 3 Diva’s from Emmy night that I would throw in my favorite Man from the red carpet in this mix too. And being a big “Game of Thrones” fan, I cannot help but give this title to none other than Kit Harrington (Aka Jon Snow of GOT fame). With his beautiful curly looks pulled back in an Emporio Armani classic 2 piece Tuxedo and a bow tie – despite his rough, manly look, he was definitely one of the best dressed men on the red carpet on Emmy night. That girls was my short and sweet round up of my favourite looks from the Emmy night. Till next Monday, have a fantastic week & happy September to you all!