7 Pro Tips for a Flawless Foundation for Wintery Skin

Hola ladies,
Acing your foundation without caking your face in winter is a real challenge. I mean, I love winters but cold winds and continuous temperature shifts make it a little hard for beauty buffs like me. Imagine you’re trying to put your best foot forward before you step out for a nice evening get-together or getting your face ready for the always-well-put-together lady in-spite of a crazy week at work and… dryness, dullness, flaking and sullen oil patches ruin your day. I know the pain so those of you who wanna know some secrets of a flawless foundation without going a total-boo then you’re reading the right thing. Let’s roll.

Get Your Hands AND Face on Moisturize before You Hit the Shower

Sounds weird? Trust me, it will change your life. Why? There’s a catch. The luke-warm water will help soak your moisturizer into the skin which means you’ll step out of the shower with your face less-stripped of essential oils and hydration.

Toner is Your New BFF

Yup. You can get rid of visible flakes by prepping your skin with a toner. Just soak some toner in cotton and dab your face with it and let it sit there for a while before you jump on to the third tip which is:

Moisturize Smartly

It’s good to put on some moisturizer before you begin to work with your foundation. Use a lighter formula to spread evenly throughout the face. You can go for thicker, balmy formula to cover the areas of your face where winter is most likely to strike; nose, forehead and cheeks. Dab it with single tissue to free your face from excessive moisture and oil for just the right base.

Never Underestimate the Power of Primer Never.

I know most of us don’t really invest in buying a primer but you gotta have one during the cold winter days. A good primer will hydrate your face and it will be a nice treat for your extra dry skin. There are multiple serums out there that can be a good substitute for primers so if you’re reluctant to buy a primer then get a hydrating serum which work both ways. You need this.

Prefer Cream-based Foundation Formulas

For the obvious reasons. It works great for all skin types and tends to hold more moisture to the dry skin as compared to the powder-based formula. It will help settle better and give your skin a fresh, dewy finish when you’re trying your best to make your foundation sit and stay crack-free during the colder season.

Mix Argan Oil With Your Foundation

My personal fave. Among its numerous health and nourishment benefits, argan oil is known for multiple skincare benefits. Rich with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it is ideal for soft, hydrated and moisturized skin. Mixing a few drops with your foundation will give your skin that extra hydration and sheen you need to score a winter-ready makeup look.

Put Your Foundation Blender to Best Use

Always dab, never rub – preferably, use a dampened blender to blend the base. While you’re blending your foundation, make sure you avoid rubbing because it can lead to drier and irritated skin along with ugly base patches. Spread your foundation nicely and use a rapid yet gentle pressing technique to settle it onto the face.
And that’s a wrap. Ladies, take notes if you want a flake-free and nicely settled foundation. Let me know if this helpful. In case you have some tips or a particular foundation regimen, hit me up on my Facebook page and share. Stay at your best, beauties. Until next time.
Love, Redah.