I am very proud to say that Depilex was given the opportunity to showcase our Bridal Hair and Make-up collection for 2014 at the Bridal Couture Week. My team and I were segmented to hold our Hair and Make-up show on day 1 and in todays’ blog I will be sharing with you my team’s and my experience.


We had various design dynamics for the hair for our everyday bride and it came out just as I had expected it to. We took reference from the international hair trends of dual texture when it came to the hair and did many variations of buns and braids – combining sleek shiny hair with waves and curls. To name a few we included the swiss-roll and criss-cross, braid towers and vertical roles. Playing with shades of brown, blonde and platinum 16 unique looks were designed. High ponies and flowers were all infused parallel to the make-up which went from smoky eyes to softer blushing lips and defining cheek bones. Our key to the make-up was to keep one focal point either the eyes or the lips to give the perfect balance.


The models were beautiful so playing around the face was easy with regards to make-up. The entire look was more or less summarised into being regal. What I wanted to showcase was the complicacy of the hair complemented to the delicacy of the make-up. Flowers went where needed with hair as colour went where needed on the face. The exaggerated eye-liner for the deeper set eyes and the defined braid for the luscious locks. We had 16 models, showcasing looks for Mehndi, Barat & Valima.


So this is how it is, not many brides want to give in so much time for their wedding; meaning, when you can get it all in one day they want it all! From the Nikaah look to the Mehndi it’s all going under one day. And then the next day which is the reception. We gave the Valima look with longer hair opened up and styled and Barat came down a little more complicated with different hair-ups. The modern day bride is not endorsing the conventional red lips and red dress. She is looking as good with the nude lips giving it that touch of being urban and just right because the dresses are so heavily embellished all this has taken into consideration that it would be all aptly proportionate. One of my favorite was this one model for the Barat look wearing this beautiful Saari. We gave her a high pony tail with a very non conventional Maatha Patti and she looked absolutely stunning. Point is yes! Brides are going as far as wearing a Saari for their Baraat! And that’s all great as long as it’s hip and it’s done well. We had it all and gave it all, trend setting looks for this year and following.


The clothes were by The House of Kamiar Rokni, working with Kami and Rehan is always a lot of fun. The beautiful jewelry was by Damas; the pictures don’t do those beautiful pieces justice, you cannot imagine what the jewelry looked like up close; simply stunning. Taimoor Chaudhery from Damas was gracious to come on board and create this show with us.


To summarise it was immense fun! Just the backstage thrill and all that jazz. The collection of hair and make-up that we showcased was a complete team effort and I am immensely proud of my creative team to have developed these designs and have successfully showcased them. Do go through the albums and let me know what you think.


Have a good day!


Redah Misbah Qureshi

Creative Director

Depilex – Beauty Clinic & Institute