Morning Skin Care Routine

No matter how young or old you are one thing that should be top priority on your list is taking care of your skin. As clichéd and worn out as that may sound, our skin goes through a lot daily and as time passes all the harsh daily disturbances cause our skin to age faster and become less ‘life’ like. You would take good care of your most precious diamond, right? Then how can you not take care of the most important thing to your identity, the skin of your face. Morning & night routines are important, one to shelter your skin through the day and the other to wind it down after a long day. Today’s blog is about a short and effective morning routine.

1. Cleanse
This is the easiest step; always use a cleanser or face wash that suits your skin type. If you read my blog regularly you know which ones my favorite! (Hint hint: Guinot Soft Cleansing Face Wash)

2. Balance (Toner/Astringent)
Facial toners perform an important balancing act between controlling excess oil, refining pores and providing anti-aging nourishment. Though people with normal or dry skin can sometimes skip this step, oily skin this ones for you. After you cleanse your face of the dirt and grime that accumulates, a toner takes care of your skins pH balance. Neutrogena and Clean & Clear have some great options. Apply with a cotton swab & pay close attention to your forehead, nose & chin.

3. Exfoliate
When you wake up your face has several dead skin cells leaving your pores wide open and your skin flaky. Exfoliate using a mild scrub (use one according to your skin type maybe something with honey jojoba or apricot). Do not exfoliate your skin more than once a week, more than that can cause your skin to lose its natural moisture. Scrubs help get rid of dead skin, leaving your skin clean & soft. Always use scrubs in circular motion and always start at your forehead. Rinse with lukewarm water.

4. Preserve
Considering the routine you choose to follow can be as simple or as complicated as you want, let’s keep this one simple. This one’s a no-brainer, moisturize, replenish and revive. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin, or one for combination skin types. This step can include a good healthy eye cream too! And unless your moisturizer doesn’t contain it; a good sun block with a minimum SPF15.

That’s a simple daily routine you can follow to make sure your skin stays brighter, healthier and younger. Take care of your face, it speaks for you before you actually start talking. Get facials, use safe products and ALWAYS use sunscreen!