Out & About in Lahore

Hola Chicas! How is this beautiful November treating you? I was having a conversation with some friends the other day and we started talking about all the places we have been in the world and all the seasons we have experienced come and go in Pakistan. What we concluded though was that despite the weather being rainy and totally romantic in London, or a fierce cold and snowy in New York for winter, when it comes to be fall/winter in Pakistan, we here in Lahore have it best. We’ve got about 2 months of proper cold weather, where you can’t step out the house without being proper covered and then we have around 3 months of it being a chilly kind of beautiful, with cool breezy fall evenings and dewy cold mornings. So when it comes to these months there are a few things that I love to do when I am out and about, so for today we are going to explore some of those:

A warm cup of soup at the Delicatessen (Mall One)

So there should be no surprise that a lot of this list will have to do with food, what with there not being many other choices for entertainment except going out to eat with your friends or family. Plus we are Lahori’s, we got to eat. I’m a big fan of The Deli in Mall One and always have been pretty much since they opened their doors. Especially in the winter I enjoy sitting outside with a nice warm bowl of their Tomato Basil soup and if you have the palette for it, there is nothing better on a cold winter afternoon than this tangy goodness!

A nice hearty breakfast at Jade Café

Before this happened (Jade Café), I yearned for a truly tasty and filling breakfast in Lahore. Don’t get me wrong once in a while I love the Halwa Pooris and Naan Channay but I am more of a cup of coffee, toast, eggs type of girl. Jade Café has quite the breakfast menu and though they could turn up the flavor a knotch, their French toast, Omelets and Shakshuka don’t disappoint!

The warm Avocado salad at Zouk

This one was a surprise & I am so sad I can’t remember what the dish was actually called but it’s listed under their salads and one of its other main ingredients is shrimp! I ordered it thinking it would be a cold salad with shrimp and dressing, but what I got was literally the best way to start off this Lahori winter. It’s got a brilliant warm avocado sauce, mushrooms, lettuce and shrimp! This is officially my go to dish for this winter.

A walk in the Park

One of my favorite things about Lahore is the parks! They are pretty and plenty, starting from Race Course all the way to literally pick a random park and Defence and take a stroll! During the winter especially, our parks are just marvelous and there is nothing like a late afternoon stroll all bundled up. Some of my favorites are Model Town Park, Sheeba Park (Mcdonalds Y Block), Race Course and some random parks in Phase 4 & 5 in Defence. Here’s a tip, Model Town park is HUGE, pack a picnic and venture out one weekend, find yourself a cozy corner in the park somewhere and read a book, listen to music, watch people – basically do what your heart may desire but soak in some winter sun to get that Vitamin D.

Window Shopping

Or simply shopping if you might! There are plenty of places you can go shop in Lahore, personally I like Mall of Lahore, Xinhua Mall, Vogue Towers, Liberty, Defence, well you can literally shop anywhere in Lahore, right? Some of my favourite places are Dupatta gali in Liberty, there’s fabric, there’s Khussa Mahal, there’s plenty jewelry and there is always a good pakora stand? For random shopping and if I just want to go to the mall I usually venture to Mall of Lahore, it’s peaceful, they have a good selection of stores and you can stroll through Liberty Books for some of the latest best sellers. Another new favourite though would be Galleria Mall, I think it was a great addition to main boulevard.

The Salted Caramel brownie and Ricotta Cheesecake at The Pantry or Piecycle at the Marble Slab Creamery

Do you have a sweet tooth? I think every woman has a sweet tooth, but let’s just agree that we like to keep sugar to a minimal so we can keep our health in check? Nonetheless it doesn’t hurt to live a little and these are my two favourite picks for dessert. The salted caramel brownie at The Pantry is like none other you have tried before, as is their Ricotta cheesecake – must not miss these if you’re craving for some sugar. Last but not least there is Piecycle, best pies this side of Pakistan, especially with a dose of ice cream.


For those foggy winter evenings or nights where all you want is a gorgeous view, some good company, soothing music and it’s a plus if the food is an added plus – there is Andaaz. Overlooking the majestic Badshahi Mosque, it is one of my absolute favorite places during the winter. Sometimes even if you don’t want to get all loaded up on food, just go in, order a daal makhni and enjoy the view.

There we have it, even though its short and not nearly ALL of my favorite things to do in Lahore, these were just some that I feel are worth the experience. One other thing that I think is a great way to have a good time in Lahore are some of our festivals such as the Performing arts festival we used to have which is now more of a Youth Performing Arts festival at Peru’s Café or Lahore Literary Festival which comes later in the winter days. But lately there has been a mass expansion in festivals and even theatre in Lahore so try to make it to the ones you can, they are all well worth the experience. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s Monday blog and if you try some of the things on this list, drop me message on Facebook and share your experience!